Thursday, January 17, 2008

Wow its Thursday!!!

Wow I'm just so glad that its Thursday. I can have my weekend off tomorrow. Want a relaxing day off from work and just enjoy the peace and calm of not sitting at the computer for a long time. (Well ya i do have to come for a half day on Saturday, but atleast I can enjoy the holiday tomorrow!)I wanted to post some serious stuff, but realized that i cant do it in a hurry coz i do have to state a few facts too. So just decided to put in what come to my mind.
On top of that i have to get four articles ready for the PR conference magazine that we are coming up with. That seems to be driving me nuts and I have asked friends to read it and tell me their opinions. Well I certainly didn't know or rather didn't keep up with the revolutions of technology today and was not aware that all this has a huge impact on Public Relations and so on.
One thing I have got to say is this job certainly is teaching me a lot of new things. I am glad for that. But I do need my breaks in between to come up with a fresh mind and all that. Nowadays I do feel that I just live for it to be Friday or a holiday, see how much the goals in life have reduced to..Pathetic right?? Where have all my career goals and hardworking ideas gone to?? Looks like they jumped out the window...
Now i certainly do know what it means to take a good break in between and not get a total burn out. Anyway i plan to enjoy the weekend off and come back with a few serious thoughts later. I guess i will post one of my serious articles for the magazine here and hope to get some response about how it is.

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