Sunday, May 31, 2009

Weekend long over…

Ahh weekend and all is long over and its back to work again… I will surely be waiting impatiently for it to be Thursday again so that I can have a day off. Summer has started in full blast and the temperatures are soaring and will continue to do so for the next 2 or 3 months. Ohh I don’t think u will want to know the temp as they will really really be soaring above 50 degrees… I guess most India schools will close this month for the long summer holidays and will reopen in September, and I guess that will be the case with the other schools (Arab, British, American etc..) too except for a slight difference in dates.

Life will start to slow down as summer vacations are here and most people will travel, and it will be a relief to have less traffic on the roads. The slow months of summer will also be followed by Ramadan during which time life will definitely be all the more slower and guess what, I guess I do enjoy that slowness a lot. The only problem is that if you want to travel now, then there will be no tickets available and the ones available will be at sky-high rates too.

I would have loved to travel to Kerala and see the rains as I just love that heavy rainy climate and all… But don’t know if there will be any plans for the same even though my hubby keeps telling me to go down if I get enough days of leave from work.
Well even in the smouldering heat, Kuwait’s 27th cabinet was formed after the recent elections and stuff. His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah AlـAhmad AlـSabah issued a decree on Friday on the formation of the 27th Kuwaiti Cabinet, the sixth to be led by His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Nasser AlـMohammed AlـSabah.

I do hope that they will cast aside the negative outcomes of the previous cabinet and go forward with a positive approach to everything. There have been mixed reactions from lawmakers concerning the new Cabinet line-up. While some have unanimously commended the new government and called for more cooperation, others have expressed their reservations about it. The MPs called upon the new government to pursue a new approach and submit a comprehensive development plans or brace for more interpellations to come.

It’s also good to see a lot of new faces in the Cabinet and hope that the new Ministers will do a lot for their country. But unlike the last time, this 27th cabinet has only one female minister and she is Dr. Moudi AlـHomoud, the Minister of Education and Minister of Higher Education. Well that is definitely a sad fact, but I guess 4 females MPs getting elected into the Parliament was good enough as it’s a great change for Kuwait.

Well even though Kuwait saw a great difference in elections and its result this time, especially since many were shocked to see that 4 women won the elections and so on, I do feel that these women do have a tough time ahead. Well the people did choose them, but looks like the Islamists will give them a hard time over everything. There was news on Friday that - A number of Islamist MPs have threatened to walk out of the swearingـin ceremony of the two female MPs if they do not wear the hijab while taking the oath of office. Sources said that the MPs recently met to discuss the legal procedures to be initiated against Aseel AlـAwadi and Rola Dashti for violating the Election Law which states that female candidates must stick to Islamic dress code during the elections.

Well in my opinion its stupid to cling on to such silly things as they did their campaigns and such things not dressed in the Muslim dress code, and people voted for them not based on the dress code, but their skills and stuff. So why create problems just for the sake of creating some kind of trouble. And there were so many issues like its sin to have women in parliament, it’s a sin to vote for them, it’s a sin if women vote and so on…which is outrageous.

Well anyway all we can do is hope for the best and wait and see how things go…

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Its weekend!!!

I am so unbearably glad that it’s finally the weekend. I just seem to be living only for that now and it’s like all my other ambitions in life has disappeared. My main focus during the start of the week is that I just want it to be Thursday.

Ohh no, I am not being a baby, imagining the whole thing or making a big thing out of it and all… It’s just that, one of the places I work at has just become too boring for me now and even the slightest things seem to be irritating me a lot. Maybe it’s because of my current stage and all or it must be because I have had enough… I guess my main problem is that I remain silent most of the day as I don’t have anyone to talk to and also because I am the only Indian in the place and the other Arabs spent time talking to each other. So in short, I kind of feel left out which I am ok with most of the time. But lately it’s started to get to me as some of them seem to be picking even on the smallest of things to create an issue which is very very irritating… (Humm hope they don’t read this :P)

Ahh I have always been that career girl, my ambition even now is to study further and all. But believe me, there are days when I feel “Ohh I wish I just could sit at home and rest and enjoy myself and not be bothered with a job and all.” Well in my case this is absolutely shocking as I just love working and all…

I guess one reason for feeling this way is coz - I don’t get time for anything now. I don’t even get to watch a decent TV show which I like, don’t get to relax and wind down etc etc… Nowadays I get up late in the morning, get ready very fast, eat and leave to office, then reach home after three fifteen, have lunch, rush to work again and sometimes get back home only after 9 etc. I guess it’s that part about coming home late, then not having time for anything etc which is more irritating… Well there were days I felt it’s good to get back late, but not now as all I want to do is just come and rest…

Hehe, I am not gonna start moaning about my work life and the bored feeling and all and go on elaborating about a lot of absolutely boring thing. I might just go on and on with it and about how depressed I feel and all. I am only glad that its weekend and that I do not have to come to office tomorrow. Well I know that one day is too short and it gets over before I blink, but something is better than nothing. Another good thing is that now I don’t have to work on Saturday mornings, so at least I will get time till Saturday afternoon to relax. Ahh thank God for small mercies…

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A lot has happened!!!

I guess a lot has happened in this short while that I decided to take a break from posting anything in my blog. Both India and Kuwait went to elections and the results too have come out; Sri Lanka has declared that LTT has been defeated; there are unofficial and official reports out that the Tamil Tigers chief Velupillai Prabhakaran was killed in the fight and yes of course the deadly Swine flu that has been spreading all over the world.

Now what am I to say about all this? About the Indian elections – I am extremely happy to know about the election results for India. I did want the congress party to come back into power and I am so happy that the communist party had such a setback in Kerala too. Congress won 16 out of the 20 seats in Kerala and what is amazing is that, I feel that congress got most of its winning votes from the communist supporters. What a situation right? It’s amazing to know that congress won in areas where they never even dreamt of winning and those areas were the strict, decades’ old communist areas too.

Hell well it’s not because I have anything against the communist party, but the face they portrayed to the general public was really bad. The internal group fights which got really bad, the back stabbing, the degrading talks that they did against the Church, bishops etc and so on. Well the party themselves decided and sealed their fate, so they definitely can’t blame anyone else for it.

About the Sri Lanka situation – I do hope that innocent people will be safe from now on and I do hope that this small island nation will see peace and harmony. It was a shame to see so many innocents being massacred for no reason… The fight between the LTT and the government did destroy thousands of lives and make things miserable. And I guess it sure is good to get confirmed reports about the death of the rebel leader. Well God only knows what exactly happened, whether it’s the rebel leader who really died, if it was – then how he was killed and so on… Anyway now all we can do is hope for the best and think that things have gone for the best…

About the Kuwait elections – Well its sure was a pleasant surprise and change to see that a change has come about. The most astounding of it is that 4 women (that too highly educated ones) got elected into the parliament and that sure is a huge feat. Looks like change is coming over this small nation and I do hope that things are definitely changing for the better. It has to work for the better as Kuwait sure doesn’t want to go to elections so soon again and what everybody wants is stability and people who will work for their nation rather than for themselves.

About the Swine Flu – I sure don’t know what to say about this, but for one thing I was so relieved to know that it did not originate in Asia. And when some disease originates in Asia, I see the kind of hassles that go on, now that people from US and UK and all are bringing the disease into Asia and around the world, I don’t see the same reactions. But looks like newer diseases are sprouting up each day and vaccinations and medicines are not available for these. What is the world going to? I mean where is all this heading to? It is also alarming to see that the disease is spreading and that India too has announced its first case through a passenger who arrived from the US. Well that seems to be the fastest way the disease seems to be spreading and how can we stop people from travelling?

A lot seems to be happening in my life too at present which I will have to write about at another stage :) Well I know that I have to make time to update my blog which I will do when the mood strikes and on days when I don’t feel soo tired.
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Monday, May 04, 2009

Lazy Lazy me!!!

I clearly have no idea about what is wrong with me nowadays. I feel just too tired and lazy to do anything and I guess now I have started to look tired too and my family is starting to get worried.

I for one was a person who used to get hyperactive most of the time or when the mood sets in and after that I will go on doing things till I drop dead. But now I never seem to get that energy and I hope I have not burnt out! Well I seriously do have to wonder coz, now I don’t even think about trying out new recipes and different types of cooking, don’t feel that I have the energy to clean and tidy the house, don’t seem to make much of an effort to blog or do anything which I do like a lot. All I do want to do is just curl up and sleep or just rest in peace somewhere LOL

So that’s why I definitely feel that there is a nut going loose somewhere!!! Pheww Well I do have other serious doubts too, anyway have to wait and see I guess. I had recently gone to India and during my visit, I went to a doctor to see about my headaches and back pain that I was suffering from a fall that I had long ago. The doctor is an excellent neuro-surgeon, and she just told me a few exercises to do for the back pain and gave me medicines to have for three months for the headaches and stuff.

After getting back to Kuwait, I started having the medications which I was originally supposed to start while back in India itself so the doctor could know if I was having any side effects from it like, lack of sleep or too much sleep etc. But me being me, lied that I had the meds, dint have any probs and came back. But after starting the medications, I soon found that I was having side effects like lack of sleep during the night and most of the time I was wide awake which was very frustrating. But I kept putting it off as my parents were travelling to the US and I was busy helping with their shopping and packing etc.

Once they left, I knew that the travel, the meds and all the work was taking its toll on me as I suddenly fell ill and had severe body pain for 2 days and did not go to work. Took rest and felt better, had some antibiotics for a throat infection during which time, My hubby was looking after me all the time, feeding me on time etc etc. So during this time, I had stopped having the medications that I got from India and after a couple of days I started having it. But to my horror I found that, this time the medicines were making me feel too tired and I didn’t have the energy to even talk to anyone. All I would do was go to both places of work, get back and just lie down somewhere.

Once my parents got back and saw all this they got really worried and told me to stop the medicines as I was turning pale etc. I have now stopped the medications and all. But I do feel nauseous all the time now. But I guess it definitly feels better than when I was having those medications and atleast I have the energy to atleast walk all the way to a bed atleast ... Ya there goes, so now parents and hubby are again worried and I just hate hospitals, needles, medicines and all that stuff and am dreading about going there. Not that it will be of much use as I know that I will soon be dragged there :( Well anyway i can atleast bring the whole hospital down when they bring those needles near me (Wicked laugh, thats as long as they dont throw me out!)

Hey but I do make a point to read other blogs and when I have enough energy I do leave comments too. :) ya its certainly serious time that someone kicked my lazy a** so that I can start moving around and do something useful. I guess i just got used to being lazy a lot and I dont know if i lost my interest in cooking becuase i feel lazy to put in all that effort. But i did discover a lot of cooking related blogs recently and just love all of it.

Dont want to depress all of ya anymore by writing about all the laziness and stuff...But in the mean time I will enjoy reading as many blogs as i can!!!