Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye 2008, Welcome 2009!!!

Ok here goes my last post for the year 2008...

Well I can’t believe how fast the past year has flown by. It was a good year I guess, filled with lots of sorrows, joy, changes and all…Ya it was the year I got hitched too :P Well that most certainly is a hugeeeeeeeee change for my life anyway…

I know that in general it was an ok year, but also a year which saw quite some problems in the world out there…We had the Mumbai blasts recently and ya the Israel – Gaza bombings which at present is going on… Can’t say that the world is becoming a peaceful place to live in anymore :( … I do hope that people realize what a waste of time/ money and lives all this fighting is leading to….Ya ya I know I can only hope, but we can all still work for it right???It was sure a year which saw a lot of natural disasters too...So i guess mother earth is also getting tired of humans and all the atrocities out there...

Well it was also a year where I got to see my best friends after a really long time and also an year where many of them joined the ‘Married’ club…Ohh boy it sure was also a year which made my pressure shoot up and made me go into fits of rage; and also a year which brought about a change in my attitude towards life in general and mellowed me down a lot from the extremely hot-tempered person that I turn out to be at times. (heheh ya I am nutty most of the time :P ) Ohh how could I forget – It was also a year which saw at least 20 or more of my friends become mothers/parents; some of them for the second time…

Anyway I am bidding goodbye to 2008 and hoping that the New Year 2009 will bring more peace and luck to one and all…Hope that whatever is in store for us is for the best and for our happiness…

The year 2009 sure does start for me with a host of weddings of friends and relatives and also quite a busy time for me as I don’t seem to have time for anything anymore….heheh I sure hope that I will have lots of holidays this coming year…Well that’s kind of like a prayer for me now….


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

No time for anything!!!

I have been wanting to write and post blogs regularly, but just don’t get the time now :( .....Ya ya I know I have to make the time, and that it’s possible if I try harder. The worst part is that I miss reading the regular posts of fellow blog buddies...

Now the main reason for all this is that, I started to do a second job too. Well it’s nothing to show off or anything. I mainly took it up the opportunity to be a sub-editor at an English Daily here in Kuwait. I had been passing off so many good opportunities for various reasons and this time I dint want to take the chance, plus it was a perfect way for me to kill time too as I had plenty of that on my hands earlier and I was also missing my hubby who was still in India. Since my parents and Hubby were so supportive, they made me go for it.

So in order to not lose my writing and editing skills and my touch with the journalism field in particular I took it up. But the thing now is that work at both places is getting hectic and there is a huge event coming up for which I do have a lot of stuff to get done and by the time I am done with this job, its already time to rush to the newspaper...

So now after almost 12 hours or more in front of the computer, I just do not have enough energy to come home and sit again in front of it. And I guess it’s not right too coz I leave home by 7:40am and I do rush home in between by 3:30pm to grab a bite and then its again rushing to the next work...Sitting there and editing and rewriting and after handing in my pages, I reach back home after 8:30pm and on days when there is so much work, by 9:30 etc. And that’s when I get to see my hubby who left his job and everything in India and came here just so that he could be with me. The timing sucks right!!! I know I know…. :(

I know career wise it will be a great progress for me and I am definitely learning new things, but I never knew that I would miss home so much… Me!!! Who always boasted about wanting a career only and not wanting a family life….Ohh ya life gives you everything… Well I know I should be thankful for the many blessings that I have, but ya me being me is sitting and crying that I do not have time.

Just hope that I can blog more often and hope that I can spend some time with hubby who waits for me all day… heheh the wicked me comes and sees TV from 9 to 11 and that way again I don’t spend time with him….Ya have to make time for everything and everyone….

Monday, December 01, 2008

A horror scene unfolded - Mumbai Bombings

I just don't know what to say… Its unjust, horrifying, inhumane… words are just not enough to describe it. Why such injustice? Why so much violence? What did those innocents do? I guess the questions will just go on and on … And I know that we will not get any appropriate answers for such cruelty.

The truth is that I did not follow this news well, especially when it started. All I just thought was " Ya again bombings, its becoming a regular thing now, why all this" and I turned my back on it. I know I also sound so insensitive and I guess I really was too during those days as the work pressure was just too much and I dint follow anything that was happening around me. But later only did I know that this was a huge horrifying scene unfolding in front of the whole world. --- 6o hours of terror and 195 dead … Bombs, fires, gunshots, blood, dead bodies all around!!! ---

Human lives don't seem to have any value in the eyes of fellow human beings anymore. WHY?? What has made the world so cruel? Why have people become so insensitive and uncaring?

Now to tell about another factor - Did we expect something like this to happen? Was India equipped enough to deal with such a crisis??? Why weren't we? How is it possible that the terrorists had so much modern technology at their disposal? How did they go in unnoticed with so much of warfare stuff and was not caught at all???

I guess it's true to say that this shocking and grievous act was supposed to be India's 9/11…Ya we can see blames flying around!!! This did, they did, he did, blah blah…..What's the point? That will not bring back the lives of so many innocent people. That will not pull their families out of that terror and grieving that will not bring back their joy and peace….

I do salute all the brave commandoes who gave their lives trying to save innocent lives. India has lost one of its best encounter specialists and commandoes… God be with their souls and families… The nation salutes you all!!! My heart goes out to a;; the victims and their families too...

India now has a huge task in front of it. The nation has to learn to stand together and fight against such evil forces that threaten everything and are absolute or pure evil. They should try and keep aside their differences and cultural barriers and stand as one to fight the evil common enemy....

News is still flowing in about the clean up, about finding more bombs and so on....hope all this ends soon....peace should return!!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

P.S: I Love You

I had written a post earlier about the movie P.S.: I love you.....

Well looks like i will have to take back a few things i said after reading the book....The movie is nothing compared to the book...Even though the movie dint make me cry or anything, the book did...

And reading the book was way more better than watching the movie...Its good that i was able to get a copy of the book. I felt that lots of good things in the book were left out when it was made into a movie and that emotional aspect didnt work out well too....

For all those who opposed the movie, try reading the book to see if its sweet, simple and emotional...Ohh ya by the way, the book is not the epic of the era or anything if that's what you expect, but its just sweet, written in such a nice and simple manner that it conveys the whole scene to you very well...It makes us imagine and practically see the whole situation as if its happening right in front of our eyes...

Anyway I have alwyas been crazy about reading, that must be another reason why i like it a lot....

Monday, November 10, 2008

Taggeddddddd Agaiinnnn :)

Ok La Belle Dame Sansmerci has tagged me once again…heheh well this was funny and the searches led me to some stupid pics too….anyway here goes:

As Swar said in her tag - the rules are simple:
Answer the questions below and do a Google image search on your answer, pick a picture from the results on the first page, with minimal explanation….. And ya I thought this was simple :(

1.)The age you will be in your next birthday: 29

Ya ya sure, don’t even get time to go to the bathroom nowadays: D

2.)A place you’d like to travel to: Wales

Ohh so beautiful, wish I could b there now!!!

3.)Your Favorite place: Kerala

Hahah…hum ya the monsoons r romantic…correct pic the state has used to promote monsoon tourism :P

4.)Your favorite food/drink: Chocolates/cocktail drink


Now that looks really good and i guess the pic expalins it alll :P

5.)Your Favorite pet : Puppies

Awwwwwwww!!!!!!! Aren’t they so cute, I just love em….

6.)Your favorite color combination:white and black

Hummm …well I guess it’s a nice pic :O

7.)Your favorite piece of clothing: tee and 3/4ths

Pheww, not exactly wat I had in mind , anyway watever!!!

8.)Your all time favorite song: Malayalam songs of the 80's

Wat can I say!!!

9.)Your favorite TV show: 24

Ya I like this show just too much…..

10.)Full name of your significant other: hummm let me just say Deeeee

Ya true, the light of my life :)

11.)The town in which you live in : Cochin and now Kuwait

Ya the famous Chinese fishing nets of cochin

Ya the famous landmark of Kuwait – The Kuwait Tower

12.)Your screen name/nickname: Enigma


13.)Your First job: MMG

Heheh now thats damn hilarious :P

14.)Your Dream job: I’m partly living that now – Editing and Writing

Ya apt

15.)Bad Habit you have: losing patience


16.)Your worst fear: seeing a snake

Ewwwww…….Sorry can’t handle even pics of snakes

17.)The one thing you’ll like to do before you die: Help the less fortunate people as much as I can


18.)The first thing you’ll buy if you get $1,000,000: a special gift for my parents and hubby


Well i am not tagging anyone again...anyone who wants to take it up can do so :P

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A Historic day for the U.S.

Well looks like a historic day has been made in U.S. and the world will remember this. Barack Obama swept to victory as nation's first black president on Tuesday night in an electoral college landslide that overcame racial barriers as old as America itself. (And to think that I forgot about this issue altogether and dint even look at the news today. Its only after I came to office and one of my Arab colleagues gave some snide remarks that I remembered about it and checked online to see who had won. Ya ya I know, what laziness and ignorance right? Well it’s not like I was bothered about who will win or lose as I dint see any immediate connection it made with me!)

"Change has come," he told a jubilant hometown Chicago crowd estimated at nearly a quarter-million people. The son of a black father from Kenya and a white mother from Kansas, the Democratic senator from Illinois sealed his historic triumph by defeating Republican Sen. John McCain in a string of wins in hard-fought battleground states. He also captured Virginia, the first candidate of his party in 44 years to do so(that sure is NEWS). On a night for Democrats to savor, they not only elected Obama the nation's 44th president but padded their majorities in the House and Senate, and in January will control both the White House and Congress for the first time since 1994.

Well it definitely is a shocker for me to see that the mindset of the people in U.S. has changed. It’s a good thing to see that change is being accepted and that Afro-Americans are seen a better light. Could we have ever imagined that such a thing would ever happen? Well next I guess they will have a Woman President… (High hopes na…..)

Since I certainly dint follow the race for the oval office and all and about its impact on the world etc, I don’t know how it will affect India, Indians in U.S. etc. All I can do is hope for the better. Anyway let’s give congrats to the new president and hope that he can do a better job that ‘Bush’ and his war policies.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Here’s a classic lengthy tag!

First of all, Swar I’m really sorry for taking up the tag so late. It’s been so crazy lately and had to also make that sudden trip down to India and all so hence was away from the world of blogging for quite some time now… Sorry…so here goes ---

Okkkk, I have been tagged by Swarna (La Belle Dame Sansmerci) and looks like this time the tag contains some complicated questions and its quite a long list of questions too….So here goes:

What have you realized recently?
I have realized many things actually. (The list me shockingly too long and it’s a shocking experience that I am going through too coz I didn’t realize so many things up until now) A few things that relate to my present situation is that - Life is not so easy as you think it is, marriage is not so easy either and now I can understand why people say lots of adjustments are needed, lots of sacrifices are involved etc. I dint know that balancing 2 families, a career, my own life, dreams, aims etc etc are so tough… Well thinking about having to do all this for a lifetime from now does give me the jitters. These are all the realizations that I have come upon now…well there are lots more too, but y bore all u guys with it 

Have you given your first kiss away?
Well looks like you are too late with that question…Ohh ya looong back :P

If you were to be stranded on a deserted island, who are the 11 blog buddies you would take?
Huumm, now that’s a good question…Well if it’s from the few blogs that I have begun to visit regularly and also if its blog buddies who encourage me well, then I think it'll b the following persons as they make me go wild with laughter, make me think a lot and just make me feel so much better after I read their blogs and comments – Preeti(Just mother of 2), Jane (Reflections), Arun (cockroach in cocktail), --XH—(tales of a lone wolf), Keshi (Viva forever), Solitaire , Neetu (wistfully yours), vik (Pass me everything.... Dudleybouy), Meghna (Delve into the Mind of a Budding Blogger), Tessie (The fat lady’s rantings), Thavy Dun and so many more…

Where is the place you want to go the most?
I don’t know about that. But I certainly want to visit most of the European countries and all. And the truth is that wherever I go I wanna come back home as that’s my most treasured place and that’s where I can b myself and b free(It also depends on the kind of place u call home too)…So there is no place like home…

If you have one dream to come true, what would it be?
I don’t dream unnecessarily : P LOL

Do you believe in seeing the rainbow after the rain?
Humm I hope to see. Don’t have much high hopes in that as rain itself is a rare thing here and I just hope that it will rain so heavily at least one day. Well I am a little romantic too, so love that rainy climate and the beauty of rain and the prospect of a rainbow and such.

What are you afraid of losing the most now?
Right now? Nothing!!! Well if it’s about most of the time then lots of things – like my family, the love they give, the love from my hubby and so many other things.

If you win $1 million, what would you do?
Well since I have always been low on luck, let me win and then maybe I will actually think about it…. Humm ohh ya maybe I might visit the places I want to, do things I want to, give lots of it to the people I know want the money, help in making my life a lot more easier etc etc

If you meet someone that you love, would you confess to him/her?
I don’t think I will just meet someone I love. To love a person you should know them well, by that time itself we will know a lot about each other. Well if it’s to a person I love so much, I might tell or confess most of the things, but I have learnt from past experiences that confessing completely is very bad (be it to the one you love, to friends or to ur parents)…heheh and that’s the general advice I hear too…Do not tell what is not needed…hummm well I guess it all depends on who you are confessing too I guess.

List out 3 good points about the person who tagged you
Ahhh Swarna – I have known her since 2003 June and we did have lots of good times as classmates and friends. From my perspective she is -
1. Absolutely fantastic as an overall package.
2. Very talented – she writes so well, is good at everything she does, is very pretty, very intelligent and capable of going places. She is also a very caring person and should have seen her with the HIV affected little kids that we worked with during a PR campaign.
3. A little nutty like the rest of us … hehe all 18 of us in the mass communication batch were nuts and we had some good times. But ya like me and many others in the batch she was nutty too and very sensitive too.

What are the requirements that you wish from your other half?
Love me for who I am; don’t try to change me and make me into a person that he wants; should at least try to appreciate my work and encourage me for the little good things I do; should miss me; make me feel special, loved and all that etc etc…. hehe just love me a lot basically.

What type of people do you hate the most?
Hate the most huh – well I guess that would be the back stabbers, the liars, and the cheaters mainly. I guess that’s why I don’t have too much sympathy for human beings and love animals more… At least you dog will be loyal to you and give you back love unconditionally.

What is the one thing you can’t live without?
LOVE and CARE! And some more things too like my family and all…

If you have faults, would you rather the people around you point out to you or would you rather they keep quiet?
Well I guess I would want them to point it out to me GENTLY rather than them keeping quiet about it. But I don’t want them to scream about it to me to, just make me understand in a good way...

Are you a shopaholic or not?
hummmm…….hummmmm….I am, I am not, I am, Am not…go figure…..heheh well it depends on my mood too and if given the chance yes I am, but since my parents do tend to point it out, I do control myself too.

Find a word to describe the person who tagged you
Hummm, I don’t think one word is enough… many r needed,…but let me at least use 3 words SMART, SWEET, Nuts hehehe….

If you have a chance, which part of your character you would like to change?
Now that is a whooper complicated quest…there r so many things I would like to change… The part that is not self-confident, the part which makes me listen and not react to s**t people put me through, the part which is sarcastic and b****y at times etc.

What’s the last shocking thing you’ve seen or heard?
Don’t remember, I tend to shut such things out of my mind.

Would you rather have love but no money or money but no love?
That’s not a practical question at all. Why is love and money compared? It cannot be at all. I really don’t understand why love n money is always compared…
We do need both to live, having lots of money and no love makes your life empty and likewise having lots of love and no money will make ur life miserable and that will end in losing love…have seen it happen around me too much.

Ok I am not tagging anyone, but whoever would like to take it up can do so. :)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mushy, Gooey, Crazy Love???

Warning: Those who think this is too mushy and fake kindly don’t bother reading.

After reading my close buddy’s blog post about her watching the movie “PS: I love you”, I was determined to watch the movie and then later read the book when I get a chance to get my hands on the book. Guess what – I took all the pains to somehow find the movie online, because even after searching in many sites, I couldn’t get hold of it. Finally I got to watch it completely and I have got to say that I’m impressed with the movie. I mean it’s so sweet…damn sweet I say again :)

Well it’s such a sweet kind of love, a concerned love… Don’t tell me that this doesn’t happen in our world. Anyone out there who would like to argue with me about this? Well you absolutely cannot. I tell you this because – (well before I start off, don’t any of you dare think that it’s crazy) I have felt that way about my hubby. I certainly have because unlike me, I know that he finds it very difficult to live without me. I guess in my case even though I’m extremely sensitive, I know to put a hard look in front of others and keep my grief to myself. But my hubby darling, even though he does put a tough look in front of others, he just doesn’t have it in him to live without me.

I know this may sound crazy, but I have seriously thought many times about writing him long letters to prepare him to get over it and move on in life in case anything happens to me. Many a times, I did get the weird feeling that something might happen and I did start out on writing too. But ya me right, I never got to complete it. Well I guess that was coz, I told myself “na nothing is gonna happen, I wanna have a long life with the love of my life.” After all, he did wait for me for all these years and his love did not decrease one bit even after I behaved very badly with him, was extremely rude, made him cry and did all I could to distance him. Even before the wedding and engagement I was in so much of confusion and all that I hurt him over and over and told I do not wanna marry him. But the great guy that he is, he waited very patiently for me, suffered all the hurt and stood by me. He put up with all my really rude behavior and ultimate madness. People he does deserve a huge award for that I say…Coz u cannot even imagine how cruel I was and that a person can be so coldhearted and bad.(Well the circumstances did make me that way I guess!!!)

I know what I did is really bad, but I was also under so much pressure and was going through a lot of problems. And because of people comments, I was so scared and wondering if I was taking the right decision, if I will regret this and so on and many more problems that I really cannot talk about now. Unlike what many others say, we also didn’t just show a false side of ours to each other while we were seeing each other. I made sure that he saw the kind of crazy nut that I am so that later on he cannot regret being married to me. I made sure that he knew what he was getting into and what he will have to put up with… And even after knowing me completely he stuck on!!!

So how can I say that there is no great love? How can I say that such love does not exist when I myself am experiencing it? He is definitely the stable anchor in my life. He did change me in so many ways, stood by me through all my troubles and problems and hysteria when we were seeing each other. Well I know most guys would have run in the opposite direction at full speed when they got the chance to escape. No he did not do that, he waited for me for 7 long years and is still waiting patiently. (Hehe, that’s coz I had to leave India soon after the wedding to get back to work) Ohh Ya Love at first sight does exist too…not for me anyway but for my hubby :P …But I have come to believe in love (I guess) and all that after this…

Guys, it’s so amazing to have a person in life who understands you completely. He understands even the small change in my moods, knows how upset I am, if I’m happy and all that. Well it’s a little freaky too coz even before I know it, he will know exactly how I feel.

Hey just because I told this much does not mean that life is a bed of roses. We still do drive each other nuts, there are things that we still don’t understand and things that make us go mad and disagree and all that. Ohh ya at times I just feel like kicking his ass and killing him too…But amidst all this also, love does exist strongly. If you had seen the fights that we used to have, then all of you would have decided to never marry in life or have a relationship. And you know what; I do have friends who decided never to fall into a relationship and all after seeing our problems and fights. That was the intensity of our fights …LOL

That’s why I feel that if anything at all happens to me, I want him to move on in life, fall in love again, get a good life again etc. I will never stand to see him in mourning or anything. Well I better stop writing this before I make a mess of myself…hehe…Ohh I just pray to the good lord to be with us and guide us through to have a good life. I just thank him for changing me at least this much and making me a better human being and for giving me the best blessing of my life- My darling hubby “D”… Thank U sweet jesus!!!

N.B: I recently got a chance to travel down to India to meet my hubby and guess what - I finally got a chance to buy the book….. I finally bought the Book “PS: I love you”…. Hurreeyyyyy :)

Plot summary
Set in Ireland, Holly Kennedy is beautiful, smart and married to the love of her life - a passionate, funny and impetuous Irishman named Gerry. So when Gerry's life is taken by an illness, it takes the life out of Holly. The only one who can help her is the person who is no longer there. Nobody knows Holly better than Gerry, so it's a good thing he planned ahead. Before he died, Gerry wrote Holly a series of 10 letters that will guide her, not only through her grief but in rediscovering herself. The messages are Gerry's way of informing Holly life goes on. The messages include various tasks and treats Gerry has left for Holly. This is his way of letting her know he will always be there for her. Each letter sends her on a new adventure and each signs off in the same way: "P.S. I Love You." Holly's mother and best friends, Sharon and Denise, begin to worry that Gerry's letters are keeping Holly tied to the past, but, in fact, each letter is pushing her further into a new future. With Gerry's words as her guide, Holly embarks on a journey of rediscovery in a story about marriage, friendship and how a love so strong can turn the finality of death into new beginning for life.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Well what exactly is the relevance/meaning/speciality of birthdays???

A Birthday is always a special occassion for a person. Its not just kids who wait all year long for it, even the grown ups enjoy being pampered and loved.

When you are a kid - it’s a great time to enjoy, cut the specially made cartoonish figure cakes, open presents, be the special person of the day and run around with your friends and enjoy. As you grow older, it can be a special day to look forward to have a good time with friends, get special gifts from parents, and maybe get drunk too if you are at a proper age and if the situation is appropriate, wait to get something special from your crush/first love etc …

So what does it mean once you are over 28?

I don’t know…In some ways I guess it does feel special. From one angle it’s a day to feel some kind of joy, to have some special time with family and friends and all, to know and feel so good that most of them remember this special day and so on.

If you look at it from another angle, it is also a day to thank the God almighty for all the small and big blessings that we received till now, to thank him for keeping us safe all these years and for bringing us till here, for all our big and small achievements and so on.

It can also be a day to remember about the special people in your life, the loved ones who you miss, the little pain you feel due to not having your loved ones nearby to celebrate the occasion with you etc.

For me I guess I felt all of the above as like every human being I also have a childish side in me, a little grown up side and the mature side too… This birthday of mine on 12th Sept made me think a lot and also to not think about anything too… Hehe, pretty confusing na?

Well at a certain point I did miss my hubby who is in another country, the fun we used to have on birthdays when we were dating, the fun we used to have with friends during my life in Chennai (that’s mainly because those 2 and half years were the best years of my entire life), the fun with my best friends there and the little things I miss in life and so on…

At another point when my thinking went on to intense stuff like – why things happened so late in life; why get a great opportunity at this point of life and be thrown into a turmoil about whether to take it up or not, knowing that if I reject it I will always regret it; about why did I settle down so late; etc etc etc, I just stopped thinking at all and just went with the flow and let the day go by at its pace…

What actually made me say all this is a particular wording that was sent to me on my birthday and it said: “Why not seize the day to check out how your life is going? Rethink your errors and remember your successes, forgive yourself for your failures and take pride in your achievements. And remember that these errors, successes, failures and achievements are your story, the story of your life. And for this reason they should all be equally valued. Without them, you would not be who you are today.”

Isn’t it too meaningful? Isn’t this what we all should hear at some point in life? I feel that these words were written for each of us to understand and follow at some point in life. At a low point in life, it will make you feel positive and look at the bigger picture rather than just concentrating on the loses in our lives, about why that dint happen, why this didn’t work out that way blah blah blah…

These words somehow touched me so much in some way and it feels so right for the kind of attitude that most of us have towards life in this hi-tech busy era. We all do have to look back on life and thank God that we reached where we all are today without much scratches and problems, thank him that we overcame most of the problems and turmoil’s in life, that we became strong because of all this, that we are alive to see this day, that we are all safe and sound and that we have achieved so many things in life…

Ok I know I am getting a little too philosophical, so concluding this post for now coz otherwise it might turn into a huge novel. :P


P.S: I do have to say that on this birthday of mine it was thiruvonam (Onam festival of Kerala), hence i did get a proper traditional sadya with 2 payasams and all, got to cut the cake too and also got to have a non-veg dinner out with my parents (Well its a complete veg menu for onam)....Only thing was that I did miss my hubby a lot, but he did send me a gift and that was just a small relief....:)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Can't Say I'm Totally Ignorant!!!

What got me thinking about this particular topic is the fact that I’m not up to date with the recent trends in the music world, specially the world of English and international music. Hey you can’t call that a crime… I just don’t have the intense interest for it, that’s all.

There was a time when I used to listen to some of the English music and stuff, but as I progressed in my years, I just did not get the time for it and slowly lost interest. But I do have to say that I like most Malayalam melodies, especially some from the 80’s era. It stays on my mind a lot and mostly according to my mood I try and listen to it too as I love these. I guess I like these old melodious songs a lot as I used to sleep listening to these at a very young age.

Now a days when the older and younger generation speaks about certain English, international albums and songs, I just stare at them and try to openly tell that I do not have an idea or nod if do know something. People seeing this think that I must be crazy not to know such things…Hey these things depends and varies according to each individual’s mood and taste.

If you happen to have an interest and love for such things, you will take the effort to know about it. I don’t have that interest, so I do not take the extra effort. Another problem is that now days I just get time to go to work and then get back and relax, browse at home and stuff like that. Many have told me “how can you not know this, that etc”, well like I told earlier; it certainly is not such a great crime people. Do all of you know about everything in this world?

Well I know that we should all know certain basic things, but the rest is up to us and I hate people forcing things onto me. I guess because of this, the rebellious side of me acts up and I just end up being completely ignorant about certain facts. I know there is a bad side to this as I end up not knowing many things because of this.

For example some people create so much of hate in you that it affects your life so much. The best examples in my life are many of my teachers. Due to certain mathematics teachers of mine, I ended up hating math so much that I just couldn’t handle it at all. Due to this I had huge problems for my 10th and also for my pre-degree. For my first year of pre-degree I just totally left out almost 40 marks worth questions in my physics paper coz that whole section contained math problems. That’s the bad side to not knowing many things.

Well now that I am not in school or anything anymore, I guess I do have the liberty to know what I want to and not know about things which I do not have an interest in. After all it’s a free world right??? :)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Back from hybernation i guess!!!

Well I know that I did take a long time in coming back. It’s mainly because I just got too lazy. Ya the wedding went well and sadly I had to get back to work within 20 or 22 days and so was missing my hubby just too much to write anything.

The funny part is that I did get so many ideas to write in between, but was just too lazy to pen anything down and just kept telling myself - later, later...

I was just going through some blogs today and came across an article in PS's blog which I felt is so true... It’s about how most of us, just concentrate on the black dots in life and don’t look at the bigger picture etc. It’s so apt for the kind of life that we human beings have. People just concentrate on the tiny miseries in life that they forget the small blessings that they have.

I do have to say that marriage certainly has brought about a change in me. I seem to have calmed down a lot and seem to be least bothered about things that would have infuriated me earlier. For example – My florist ditched me on my wedding day. Well she did my engagement stage d├ęcor etc and left and told that she will come the day b4 the wedding with my bridal bouquet, the manthrakodi tray, the garlands and bouquet needed after the wedding, will do my car decorations etc etc etc…

Many days ahead of the wedding I kept calling her and either she wouldn’t pick up or would switch off both her mobile phones. And when I did get through to her, she would tell she is busy with some project and to call her in half an hour etc, after which the mobile would again be switched off. Finally once when I did get to talk she said “don’t worry, I will do everything etc”

But 2 days before the wedding, I did get too tensed and my parents were also worried, but still we thought she would do it and that nothing would go wrong. The night before the wedding, my nerves were certainly on raw ends coz I still was not able to get through to her as both her phones were switched off. The worst fact is that I dint even have an excitement about my wedding as I certainly had so many other things to worry about. To everyone who asked me about wedding excitement, I just stared at them like an idiot and then told, well someone in my house is getting married and I am just running around doing the errands….LOL (Coz that’s all I felt, can’t blame me na !)

During the pre-wedding night party, I did tell my friends who tried to contact other people and my aunt finally called some guy she knew (that also, the call was made in the middle of the night telling the guy that we needed flowers, car decor blah blah)

As usual like everyone should tell brides, people kept telling me to go sleep early etc, but how could I sleep even a wink… I was not able to take a nap even for 5 minutes. Finally I got out of bed by 4am and had to push off to the beauty parlor by 5, for which I was late by 15 minutes…I kept trying to call that lady and still her phones were switched off… Finally reached home and posed for my snaps without any bridal bouquets and my bridesmaids hadn’t got their bouquets too… Well that when I burst into tears and I had everyone come running telling not to cry as “the makeup would run” [heheh well now it certainly feels funny….]

My aunt did save things by making another florist guy open his shop early and they tried and made things as fast as they could, but still there was a delay as the flowers from Ooty etc came late. Due to all these factors, we started the two hour drive to the groom’s place really late. I DO HAVE TO SAY THAT I REACHED MY WEDDING ATLEAST AT THAT TIME COZ OF MY DRIVER WHO DROVE SO FAST AND WAS WIZZING IN BETWEEN CARS AND TRUCKER LORRIES. It certainly was a luck that we reached alive coz at many a point I did know that we were gonners when we got stuck in between huge buses and trucks and just somehow managed to escape due to GOD’S GRACE ALONE!!!

Ha yes I am certainly a bride who reached my wedding half an hour late..heheh….after all this, my relatives and parents were waiting to get that lady into their hands to give at least one slap each..LOL… But the fact is, even though I was so tensed throughout the wedding, it just disappeared after the wedding ceremony… I was finally able to smile and even after so many days went by I dint call that lady up even once to enquire why she did this to me on my wedding day and destroyed so many of my dreams about the wedding ceremony which did affect so many other things.
She made me feel so indifferent about the wedding, she destroyed so many of my dreams about how I wanted the wedding to be, she made me cry on my wedding day, she made me behave so badly with my would be on the wedding day and also the night before…phewww so many things ….but still I don’t feel anything now as I am looking at the bigger picture of “Thank God the wedding happened without any problems, that I was able to marry my beloved hubby who waited for me for 7 years, that God did bless me in many ways”

Even now when people ask me did I call that lady, did I ask her the reason, I am like why bother, anyway the wedding is over and done with, what’s the use of digging up old graves???

Well I do have to say that this change of attitude of mine is only after the wedding, before that I used to cry daily thinking about all my small worries and miseries and wonder why God is keeping me alive… Something seems to have caused a change in me, calmed me down etc…I am certainly learning to change my attitude towards life..

Well ya but I do miss my hubby and do get miserable on some days wondering why I am not able to do anything faster to get him to come to this country. Well for that the emigration officials have to work wonders, in fact God is the one who should work wonders here :)

Well that was a pretty long post right…. So now I do hope that I can actively get back to blogging...Wish me all the best :)

nb: these wedding pictures have been taken from the internet...

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Not Back Yet!!!

Hi all u guys,

I know i havent been able to post anything for almost a month now... Well i am getting married soon and hence the tensions....I am down in India after two long years.... But no time to enjoy all that as i am running like mad to get things done and i dont even look like a bride or anything anymore...HUmmmmmm...well what does a bride exactly look like ??? well atleast i hope they are ones who gets lots of rest etc..But its my engagement day after and i still havent done half my things yet, dont even get time to sleep or anything....Well i hope to be back soon in blogosphere...
Kepp me in ur prayers... :)

Saturday, April 26, 2008

How Disgusting!

Well disgusting is no word to describe this and I have wanted to write about this right from when I heard the news, but was loaded with so much work and then suddenly now I remembered about it. I know that the whole world has know about this by now and that it is old news, but still I had to mention it.

Children groomed for sex by polygamist sect:
More than 400 children were found in a Texas polygamist compound which was the site of pervasive sexual abuse. Here, girls were groomed to accept sex at puberty and boys were indoctrinated to perpetuate the cycle. Girls as young as 13 were “spiritually married” to men who claimed several wives, and were forced to have sex with their significantly older husbands “for purpose of having children”.
Children were deprived of food and locked in closets as punishment, and severe beatings were also reported on the sprawling YFZ (Yearn for Zion) Ranch outside of Eldorado, Texas owned by the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. A number of girls who were pregnant or had recently given birth were discovered on the ranch after a desperate call for help made by a 16-year-old girl.
In a series of whispered calls on a borrowed cell phone, the girl told a local family violence center that she was being held against her will on the compound and was told she would be "found and locked up" if she tried to leave. The girl said she began to be abused soon after she was left at the ranch by her parents about three years ago and at age 15 became the seventh wife of a 49-year-old man. She said she is pregnant again just eight months after giving birth to her first child by a man who would force himself on her sexually and beat her "whenever he got angry," the affidavit said.

Other women in the home would hold her baby while the man identified as Dale Barlow beat her. Barlow would choke her and hit her in the chest and she was once beaten so badly that she was taken to the hospital with several broken ribs. The girl said she had no contact with her parents but knew they were preparing to send her 15-year-old sister to the ranch. While she was anxious to escape, she was worried about what would happen to her if she left the confines of the ranch. The girl has yet to be identified among the 416 children and 139 adult women removed from the ranch in a raid which began Thursday.A number of the children interviewed in the course of the investigation were "unable or unwilling to provide the names of their biological parents or identified multiple mothers". A judge has temporarily placed all the children into state custody as a result of what investigators found when they entered the ranch in an attempt to find the girl.
The 1,700-acre (688-hectare) ranch was purchased in 2003 and built by Warren Jeffs, who considers himself the sect's prophet and was jailed for life for being an accomplice to rape. The mainstream Mormon Church - The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints - renounced polygamy more than a century ago as a price of Utah's admission to the United States. It now excommunicates members who engage in the practice and disavows any connection with the FLDS church.

Can we call this disgusting? This is worse than that. How can people stoop to such levels? Isn’t there a limit? Don’t their consciences bother them at all??Well they don’t have one right!!! One thing I really hate is draging God's name into such disgusting things and they have done all this using God's name and the use of a church etc. Worst part is that the parents gave their children to all this. How can they be so irresponsible that they did not even bother to ask about the whereabouts of their kids even once.

I have added some photos that were available on the net of some of the members of the church, a view of the church etc...