Sunday, November 11, 2007

Isnt Orkut both a blessing and a curse??

Well discovering orkut was great.And after one and half yrs of orkut, i seem to hav had enough of it.well cant say i am totaly tired of it, but still its a curse at times.Specially wen u have so many freaks out there waiting to get ur info and pics and do something with it and the number of fake id's on orkut is too much...The number of idiots who trouble the girls r high in number too...

anyone to disagree with this??well in this case i am 100% sure and have had too many experiances...I have actauuly had enough of friends requests from starngers and freaks and
finally i ended up writing - "I AM NOT HERE TO MAKE NEW FRIENDS. SO PEOPLE WHO DO NOT KNOW ME, PLEASE DO NOT SEND ME FRIEND REQUESTS OR ADD ME. (I will personally try and kill idiots who do that.)"

Atleast that seems to have had some eefect, plus my "no response" to messages from starngers are working a bit...Another major problem is idiots copying ur snaps and misusing and also using it to create fake ids in our names...something has to be done for more security i guess...

Well in one way it is good, coz u can get to meet long lost buddies after so many years and can keep in regular contact now..

Well everything seems to have its positive and negative aspects, but looks like the negative aspects seem to be on the rise everywhere!So orkut is sure a blessing and a CURSE!!!Well cant complain too much na, coz even i keep in touch with all my friends this way....

after soo long!!!

Well i seem to be trying to write after a long gap...wel wat to do, tried writing several times, never could complete i seem to be in the spirit for things...heheh..well thats a rare occasiion for me anyway...and nothing much seems to be happening in this boring country...anyway i am happy that i was able to overcome atleast a little bit of the wriers block or watever!!!