Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Baby Bloom Everywhere

Looks like its baby bloom time all around me… Suddenly so many of my friends seem to be having babies or have just had their little ones recently... And so many including me are in the waiting line too!!!

It sure is fun to read all the emails about the latest news, the latest happenings in all their lives and its sure does give me the creeps too when I wonder how I will be able to cope with all this. Anyway, it is certainly wonderful to get reassuring replies from everyone telling that we will cope fine and all :)

Humm well hope that their words come true and that we will cope well with the new changes in life. When I think about it more, it sure is freaky like hell to think about what a change it is in life and that we have to suddenly become more responsible. Well I don’t mind the responsible part, but this is just not any responsibility. You are becoming responsible for another human being for the rest of your life, you have to plan so many things in life now and now it will have to totally become a separate family thing like your child and spouse will definitely have to become first priorities. Well I hope I can work it all out… Phewww!!!

It sure was a very hot summer here but now the temperatures have started reducing and it sure is a relief to have a cool breeze in the evenings at least instead of the irritating hot blasts of air… I sure did enjoy the slow life and lesser timings at work due to the summer in Kuwait and also mainly due to the fact that so many people travel out of the country and life becomes slower and roads become less congested. To top it, we had Ramadan also recently which made life all the more slower and I sure enjoyed it because of the really short work timings which gave me amble time to reach home early, rest more etc…

The unexpected long holiday for Eid was another added blessing because my aunt and uncle had come down from US and life got so hectic last week as it was get-togethers at different places for us and it all went on from early in the evening to the wee hours of morning. Every day for those 6 days we used to reach home only after 3:00 am and luckily I was able to stay in bed till afternoon next day. It was only my poor dad who had to wake up every day at least by 6:30 am so that he could attend the phone calls and then go to work and all.

Now Eid and all are over and it’s back to the old work timings and all. I sure don’t enjoy that too much and plus the roads are back to being congested too. But ya life is like that and we all sure have to cope up with it. Winter also will slowly start creeping in and suddenly out of the blue it will be so damn cold to do anything… That’s when we will start complaining all the more about having to wake up to go to work, about not having central heating and all that nonsense. (Well the main signs of winter creeping in here now is – its winter clothes everywhere and the summer ones are all on sale and stuff and not the climate… that’s why I said out of the blue it will suddenly be so cold!)

Anyway I am looking forward to a good and pleasant climate and also waiting for some positive changes which has to happen really soon and keeping my fingers crossed so that some things will work out real fast… I just hope that the things I want will work out soon and God will certainly listen to our prayers!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Another Blessed year!!!

Wow I can’t believe that another year in life has passed by so soon and it’s not like I’m getting any younger or anything and I certainly do not want my school and early years back… Well I would certainly love to have my post graduation years back coz it was so much fun :)

Anyway, I know that I have to thank the good Lord for the blessings that happened in the past year/years and am especially thankful that life is going on OK and that things went good so far… This year will also add another great change in my life and ya I’m certainly going to step into another phase in life soon… ‘Motherhood’

Pheww don’t ask me how I feel coz I seriously do not know and I do not know if I am looking forward to the coming years and sleepless nights… I just hope that I will be able to handle everything well without making a wreak of myself and others. Ya life has to move on and it’s the various cycles of life that is taking place. But it all also depends on how we handle things too right and that’s the only part where I’m a little worried…

Anyway, even though yesterday was a great day in life and all, my hubby darling was not able to make it here for my birthday thanks to the Jet Airways pilots strike… What else can I say about it? Anyway I just heard that the strike is over and hopefully the services will resume today and hubby will make it here tonight…

Just hoping and praying for a few good years ahead :)

Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Wow, wow….. Onam is here :) and even though I am not in Kerala, or rather in India at all, I do feel the spirit of it this time even though I am not attending any programs and such.
My poor mom who was not feeling well made so much of an effort to make an Onam based Sadya yesterday for us and it was great indeed. The true fact is I just ate too much, then drank too much of the tasty Ada payasam she made and couldn’t move an inch. And ohh boy did I suffer for all that over eating… hehe I just couldn’t move around for another 5 hours and was feeling so sick…. But I wouldn’t mind having all those tasty stuff again. :)

So today is Thiruvonam and some of the family is gathering together at my uncle’s place to have the Onam sadhya at night and I do hope that I will be able to enjoy it as much as my mom’s cooking…

Anyway I do miss Kerala and the festival season and the hustle and bustle of the Onam so much even though I have never celebrated it much in life. It’s certainly a nostalgic season and its fun to see the whole state celebrating it keeping aside their religion and all other differences.

I guess having the Malayalam channels do help and it’s fun to see all the different Onam based programs and at least see the pookalam and sadhya and all that is going on in Kerala and feel as if I am there and seeing it all.

SO a very very HAPPY and Prosperous ONAM to all of you.

Image courtesy - google images