Sunday, January 13, 2008

'Separated twins' marry, forced to break up in UK

Twins who were separated at birth and raised by different families met later and married but were forced to breakup when their discovered their true identities. It certainly is a tragedy for them and all who were involved. I can imagine the heartbreak and emotional distress they might be going through and its certain that they will need therapy and all that stuff to get over this.

Now with in vitro fertilisation(IVF) on the rise, and with large number of people being born by IVF, the risk of such cases are high too as most end up not knowing their true identities. This shows that the children do need to know who their birth parents are in order to reduce such risks.

This is certainly not the first time that such incidents have been reported all over the world. While the foster parents do have their explanations, the risk of biological siblings marrying are on the rise and this leads to lot of other genetic diseases too.

Well good luck to UK as they try to bring up new laws regarding the Human Fertilisation Embryology Bill. And lets see how things go in India.


--xh-- said...

hm.. pretty weried.. may be stuff for a hindi filim.. the seperated twins... :)

Enigma said...

ya wierd....filmy too..but i cant imagine the heart break , disgust and suffering they r goin through..poor people...