Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Furious furious :P

I know that I took a break again from blogging! Not that I really wanted to do it but I just kept away because I did not want to write about all the kind of negativity that was pouring around me.

Ya I do sound nuts right… Well I have been feeling very low lately and with so many issues going on, was wondering how to cope… And I don’t think I can openly write it all here even if I do want to and would love to… (But that would be catastrophic and I literally mean it!)

I have also been having some difficulties at work and really hate it when people try to act too smart and try to belittle others a lot.… Believe me, my patience has been tried to the maximum but still I kept quiet today and I do not know why. I just do not understand why I did not burst out at that female when she came in even though I was extremely furious and boiling and a few minutes before that I was almost screaming at the walls for all the stupid things….

Ahh I know I know you must have stopped reading this by now,,, Well you can’t blame me too much coz I have been putting up with all this for so long and don’t know when there will be an end to all this. And I know I have been silent for too long and have been a kind of doormat for too long too…

Anyway I am certainly trying to maintain my cool and I know some of these issues might come up again in a couple of days and that’s when I don’t know how I will end up reacting. The only reason I haven’t taken all this to my boss is because I did not want to act like a nursery kid who takes her complaints to the class teacher.

Ok now about other things – Ramadan is starting on Friday or Saturday and I wish everyone ‘RAMADAN KAREEM’… Well life is supposed to be easier and better during this time here and I hope to God that it will be… Life will definitely be slower and quieter during the day and with shorter work timings everywhere people will be rushing to get back home and all too… Anyway after the first couple of days the evenings will be a huge rush coz of all the shopping the Arabs end up doing and believe me you will go nuts due to the traffic and all. And ya the Gabqa dinners and Iftar and all that too....

We will have a tough time trying to park the car coz most people would have ended up blocking the area and would have gone for shopping and it will be a pain to go and come. But anyway it’s a holy month and hope that much good comes out of it too.

Once again - RAMADAN KAREEM TO ALL....

Another thing - my condolences on the Jahra Wedding fire that killed so many people and injured so many too… (For those of you who are wondering what I’m talking about –please check the links:


Well I know that many versions of the story are out but that does not explain or set right what happened… The ex-wife set blaze the tent where the wedding party was going on due to which so many people dies and all of it were women and children and that too everything happened in just 3 short minutes.

Avenging is your personal things to do, but what did those innocent people who attended the wedding do? What about all those numerous number of victims who are in the hospital suffering from the most severe of burns? Will they ever get their life back?

Ahh the world just goes on to be a worser and worser place to live now…