Sunday, January 06, 2008

An old song!

As I walked by myself
And talked to myself,
Myself said unto me,
Look to thyself,
Take care of thyself,
For nobody cares for thee.
That's exactly how i feel mostly and that's what i feel the heart says to me as it keeps warning me about the worldly ways of this world.
well that feeling has reduced a lot but it keeps coming back to haunt me on most days and warns me about bracing myself for lonely days in life and i guess its a way through which i seem to be protecting myself from being hurt.
Walking and talking to myself is what i do mostly and that's how i seem to talk my problems out, that's how i try to understand things, but it sure is a scary and depressing feeling at times.
But on the whole i do enjoy the feeling of loneliness mostly and get irritated when i do have people around.
Sounds crazy Na?


Pointblank said...

Oh boy1 solitude is indeed addictive!! U should ask me. Kel, at te end of te day, we jus have ourselves to bank on, unfortunately!

--xh-- said...

well, this is what i tell top most of my friends - at the ned of the day, No one cares about you as much as you care about yourself. So, learn to love yourself.. and yeah, me too does this stuff - talking to self..

Enigma said...

@ pointblank

neets, hehe ya it is addictive...well i learned a long time bac that we hav just ourselves.learnt it the hard cant 4get

Enigma said...

LOL so u do talk to urself me not totally crazy na? Its true at the end of the day we hav ourselves and only we care for ourselves.specially in this era wen people dont care about anything else in the world.