Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Isn't it meaningful??

The wording on this particular picture is really meaningful and I believe that this can carry us forward on a very depressing day. It says:
"If you want something you never had,
do something you have never done.
Don't go the way life takes you.
Take the life the way you go.
And remember you are born to live and
not living because you are born."

Well it certainly is a lot meaningful to me as there are numerous days when i feel that there are many things that I have never had and feel that I'm living only because I was born.

To get over this kind of depressed feelings, you really need a lot of boosting and confidence. Maybe while reading it the first time you wont feel any difference, but atleast it will help you to get thinking about the positiveness in it.

Hope that these words will touch your heart.


suar said...

"Live life as you want to".. This thing makes you feel powerful and in control..

-keep writing..


Enigma said...

@ Suar

Thank u...ya it sure does make u fell a lot better and positive...

Pointblank said...

well... m living cuz m born. and I often ask my parents y they decided to have me??? tat i never cried saying i wanted to be born! weird me!

Enigma said...

hehe u r not weird...i hav asked ma parents that question zillion times...and i live only coz i am born and alive...but part of that depression has moved for the time being

Keshi said...

some sound advice there...so lovely!


Enigma said...

thanks yar...ya it is nice..hope that it will work for everyone