Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hubby Dear’s Bday

Ahh its hubby dear’s birthday today. It’s the first one after our marriage and I wanted to do something special, get him something special, go out somewhere etc etc… But nothing happened. In fact I was not even able to get him a card as I didn’t get time to go anywhere after work and I haven’t gone out shopping for quite some time now because of the rest I needed and all.

I just feel so bad…Ohh how I wish we just could get some time to spend together and do something special. Well I just hope that I get to do something special at least next year. Anyway, we are both happy at least to be with each other during this time.
I guess I made more of an effort to get something special done while we were courting and most times when we were able to be with each other, I have managed to give him a small gift and so on.

Well now, I just hope that things start getting better and we will be able make some of our wishes come true and so on…

I just once again WISH him a VERY VERY HAPPY SPECIAL BIRTHDAY….and hope to make up for it soon :)

*** Had to do a little editing here -- My dad made up more the part i didnt do. :)
When i reached home, I found that Dad had got a special cake, and also bought some Indian food like biriyani and stuff for lunch so that hubby dear could have something special.... Now thats a great relief and to top it all mom made some Ada Payasam (an Indian (keralite) sweet dish)...Ohh i loved it...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Back after a short break

Looks like I do feel better after the really short break that I had. The doctor told me to take rest for at least 4 days and that’s exactly what I did. Took off from work and was resting at home the full time. The only thing I just am not able to follow is – drink a minimum of 1.5 litres of water per day so that I can reduce the medicine intake and stuff and just stop it altogether.

Well I am trying hard to drink as much water as possible but just cannot do so at times when I feel too nauseous; and it certainly is not funny running to the loo after having so much of liquid intake. On top of all this - Dad, mom and hubby are behind me telling drink water, drink water drink water!!!

Soon, I guess I will reach the stage where if I see water I will have nightmares… LOL Ahh I know it’s for my sake and health and all, but I just cannot handle the nauseous feeling which makes me act like a total B***h at times. It’s just that I get so irritated because of that feeling and want to tell everyone to try drinking water while they are in my shoes. I really mean it, when the food and water is filled till my throat and unless it goes down into my stomach, I don’t think I have the space for even a sip of water.

Ahh who said life is easy right? Humm I know tougher times and situations are coming and soon I will also have to make some tough decisions that I am not looking forward to too. Well its life and I have to face it headlong.

In the meantime, I am trying to make the best out of the situation… But to tell you truthfully, I think I did enjoy sitting at home ideally for a couple of days and the rest did do me good. Even the small break from the daily routine was refreshing. :)

Monday, June 08, 2009

Extremely Bored!!!

Ahh I’m just feeling so bored and don’t seem to want to write anything… All I do want to write about is about my miseries and about work. But I won’t do that as most friends advised me against writing anything about work and colleagues in my blog and I also do not want to pass on the misery to you all too. Another reason is that, the wrong information will go into the wrong hands, so why doom myself?

Ok, now I’m being very brave here and trying to just forget about all that and get on with other things. On days like this, I plunge headlong into the blog world and enjoy and spend my time by reading lovely posts written by many in the blogosphere. It’s a lovely other world out there and its fun reading most posts as some are so well written and brings a smile on your face…

And today seems to be a little more peaceful than other days as I didn’t have to put up with all the hitting, banging, drilling sounds from the floor downstairs which is undergoing some renovation. Well from what I hear, they are starting a Starbucks outlet there. I do hope that is true as at least I can get some good coffee or snacks when I feel like it. Not that there is any shortage for all such things as my office building already houses 2 huge restaurants and the buildings nearby also have many restaurants and most of the fast-food joins are around the corner….But I have never taken the pains to go anywhere and I used to order Arabic food from nearby places for which I need help as I cannot place my order in Arabic.

Ok looks like I am just writing a lot of nonsense here and I better stop now before I go more into it…