Thursday, March 19, 2009

25 Random facts about myself!

Reflections ( tagged me to put up 25 random facts about myself.

I have put off doing it for weeks now because I knew for sure that it would be a struggle. And now I know I will have to work on this on and off throughout the day to get it completed and to post it. Another problem is that I have been tagged for the same thing in Facebook and haven’t got around to doing it yet…LOL … Anyway I will now work it out here :)

Now the rules -

Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged.
You have to link the person who tagged you.
If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

Ok here goes: The following are all the reasons for you to know that I sure am a weirdo!

1. I am very critical and it sure is the nature of the Virgo!Cant blame me :)

2. I just love reading anything and everything. There are times when I completed reading more than 3 or 4 bulky novels in a day. I go crazy here in Kuwait coz we do not get good books and the ones that I do see are ridiculously expensive, and there is no library that provides the English books that I know of. (Well I did find a place where they sell some books at a good rate.)

3. I understood the value of freedom that people in India take for granted. (Be it freedom to live how you want, freedom of speech, freedom of anything) They sure should be made to stay in a Gulf country like Saudi or Kuwait and then they will also know its value.

4. I want to travel and see a lot of beautiful places. I still haven’t gotten around to doing it yet and hope that I will be able to do it sometime.

5. I am an extremely sensitive person and get hurt easily. So I do tend to clamp-up a lot to in order not to get hurt.Hey can't blame me for it as experiance teaches you to be that way.

6. I used to hate Chennai so much due to the climate and the water problems. But I just miss that city so much and it holds a very dear part in my heart.

7. I got the best set of friends in life from Chennai and I just love and miss the whole freaky gang. :)

8. I am a loner. I guess I got so used to being that way and now just love that peace and solace of being by myself and crave to be alone at least for some time.

9. When I was small, like most other parents, my parents too used to force me to eat veggies, fried liver and all sorts of stuff like cauliflower etc… What they did not know was that I used to throw into onto the roof of the shop downstairs in order to escape eating it. Imagine finding lots of dried up boiled eggs and stuff like that on the roof years later…heheh (And I used to stack up all the chocolate milk and juice packets under the bed... :P )

10. I don’t get friendly with anyone easily. Ya I do have that starting trouble too.

11. I love watching movies. (I even love to watch most of the old Malayalam movies too. The ones from the 80’s etc...).

12. I surely do feel and know that the best years of my whole life were during the 2 and half years that I spent in Chennai doing my PG and the short period of work.

13. From KG to my post graduation I have studied in around 10 different schools and colleges. I sure hated most places because I always ended being the loner and the newcomer.

14. I learnt through experience that teachers can make or break a student. I turned out to hate maths coz of it. In fact I ended up hating that profession and started getting rebellious with most teachers due to the way they broke my spirit with nasty comments. (Ya all teachers are not like that, I know!)

15. I had to become or start acting very responsible from a very young age. Dad was busy with his business and mom with her office work, so had to learn to cope for myself, learn to cook and also clean a bit and to look after my brother while most of my cousins, to this day don’t even know how to hold a broom… Well mom did give up her job and all and stayed with us and now she tells I din't give her the opportunity to do things on her own...LOL Anyway I sure am so grateful to my parents for making me independent and they made me capable enough to stand on my own feet.

16.Unlike most people, I do not miss my childhood. I guess I hated it and just wanted to grow up fast as I hated the excessive studying and stuff.

17. I am extremely ignorant about the modern day music and bands as I tend not to follow it. But I do love the old Malayalam melodies. Must be coz I used to listen to it a lot when I was really small and it’s kind of etched into my mind.

18. I did academically the best during my PG as I did not have to face the pressure like I had for 10th and 12th. Oh ya most kids face extreme pressure during their 10th and 12th…

Even at this age I just love teddy bears and the soft toys. My hubby is always amused to see me running towards that side of the aisle while shopping. I guess I got my first teddy bear when I was 24 and I bought it myself. But ya my hubby did get me some cute little dogs (soft toys) etc when we were dating.

It’s a wonder that I am still writing this even now and another wonder that I reached this point.

21. I am so busy with work nowadays that I miss blogging and hardly get time to spend with my hubby.

22. I am really feeling weird after reading all the things that I have written above and feel that people will surely wonder what kind of a weirdo am I.

23. I just love cute animals like puppies and kittens so much and have a great compassion for them. In fact I do not have that much compassion towards humans. No that’s surely not weird coz animals do not hurt you, only humans do.

24. I really don’t think that I can tag 25 people with this one.

25. I love good and tasty food, like to try out new stuff and have a weakness for pastries and chocolates, but can never eat sweets beyond a certain limit.

Hurray I have completed all the 25 things about me, that too in a short time…. I’m supposed to tag 25 people but am not doing so. But anyone can take up this tag if they would like to do so.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dust storms

It’s been several days since I have even checked my blog and I miss reading through the regular blogs that I usually do look into on a daily basis. I know that I do keep telling myself that I should blog regularly, write on a regular basis and so on. It’s just that whenever I get this great mood to work and when I get ideas, I am nowhere near my computer. :(

Anyway, here is another post and it’s nothing interesting. This is something about the stupid dust and dust storms that are frequent in Kuwait, especially during summer.

Usually Kuwait does not have dust storms during winter, but this winter we had dust storms because it did not rain much. So because of the lack of rains, it’s predicted that Kuwait will have the worst case of dust storms this summer and it will be a regular kind of affair.

Ohh do not think that it’s nothing or ask questions like – ya its dust, what’s the big deal etc. These things are definitely a big deal here coz it disrupts life so much. Half the country ends up at the hospital with allergies and breathing problems, flights get re-routed, stranded, ports close down till the weather clears, more accidents on the road because of the zero visibility status, most houses and offices get filled with dust due to which half the time will be spent trying to clean up the mess, the itchy feeling it causes and what not!!!

Believe me it’s a royal pain in the wrong place. :(

Last Friday I went to a lot of trouble to clean up the whole house and by the end of the day I couldn’t walk a step coz of the over strain I had put myself through. And after that I was feeling so light and happy coz I felt that the house is so clean and all, but ya the nature was definitely plotting against me. Yesterday Kuwait had another bl**** dust storm, but I do have to say that because it decided to rain by afternoon, the dust settled down fast and it definitely became cold and chilly again. If it hadn’t rained/drizzled the damn dust would have been there for 2 or three days.

Ohh boy! Just thinking about going through this as a regular procedure through the summer is enough to put me into a deep state of depression. I hate the itchy feeling that I will have and all we can do is taste and smell dust the whole time and that doesn’t help you to get any sleep too as all we can do is smell dust in our sleep too.

Below I have given a copy of the news related to the dust storm and I have put in photos that I got from the internet and also from the Al Watan Daily newspaper.

KUWAIT: Mar 10, 2009 (AFP) - A blinding dust storm hit Kuwait on Tuesday, halting oil exports and forcing the closure of the Gulf emirate's three ports besides disrupting air traffic, officials said. Winds blowing at a speed of up to 60 kilometres (38 miles) an hour reduced visibility to less than 300 metres (yards) at Kuwait airport and less than 150 meters at ports. "We have halted oil exports until weather conditions improve," Kuwait National Petroleum Co (KNPC).

Issam al-Zamel, head of operations at the civil aviation authority, told the KUNA (Kuwait news agency) that incoming planes were facing difficulty landing. Scheduled flights out of Kuwait were still taking off by early afternoon. The meteorological department was forecasting the dust storm would continue until Wednesday. Kuwait has had virtually no rain for the third winter in a row, making desert sand loose and easily carried by strong north-westerly winds. Dust storms are rare in winter but common in summer when the temperature hits 50 degrees Celsius (122 Fahrenheit).

Well i guess all of you saw the photos! Thahats how its during a dust storm and sometimes there is the red dust storm and sometimes that whitish one...Both are a pain anyway, and its in that climate that everyone has to get to work and get on with their lives!!!