Monday, April 20, 2009

A sudden trip to India

I have put off writing a new post as much as I can and suddenly I realized that it’s been more than a month since I have written anything. Well this time I was not lazy to write but just so busy

By the end of March, I took 10 days off from both places of work and took a sudden trip to India. I know 10 days is nothing, but it sure was a relief to be away and it was such a relief to be back in India at least for a few days. Home-sweet-home

Well it sure was not a pleasure trip and we did not get time to relax too much as it was quite hectic and the whole time we were travelling, getting some important things done and there was also quite a bit of shopping to do. It was also so hot and I just couldn’t handle the heat as I was soaked and drenched in sweat all the time. (So that shows that the peak of summer is not the best time to travel to Kerala, but it did rain too, even though I missed it all the time!)

I did stay for a few days at my Hubby’s place, spent time with dad, mom and sis-in-law and got to eat loads of tasty Kerala food. I also got to play with the new Labrador puppy (the new arrival) and I guess I petted him too much and spoilt him, but did try to get some discipline into him too by giving him a few whacks which were of no use at all.

Anyway came back to Kuwait before Good Friday and Easter and came and spent it here with my parents. We did not do anything special, I just took off from work in the morning on Easter day and stayed at home and took rest… hehe

After that it was again hectic as my parents were travelling to the US and so after work it was straight for shopping on most days and then packing and all that. Finally the day they left, I collapsed from all that and was down with body pain and a temperature.

So now, just regaining my health and it’s getting quite hectic at work too and I’m also getting back into the regular routine of life which is starting to bug me a little. Don’t ask me why, coz seriously I do not know… Well I guess that’s life!