Sunday, June 17, 2007

Where has destiny led me?

Thinking is what i seem to be doing lately.It doesn't seem to matter where i am; tucked away in a quiet corner,in the midst of a crowd or whether i am in the midst of a conversation. My good old mind seems to switch off and go into a world of its own. It pulls me into a kind of trance and makes me wonder about a lot of things...Now that might sound crazy to many of you, but all humans have a touch of insanity in them nah.....
My latest thoughts are about life and destiny. I seem to have this severe urge to question a lot of my decisions made in the past. Like most people many questions seem to be ....haunting (have to use that word i guess) me too. Well is this what i wanted in life? Did i achieve my goals and dreams? Why did i do many things that i regret today? The questions seem to be never ending!!!
I know that most people go through this same phase of questioning oneself and sit and wonder about what if---! And there are indeed many who are satisfied with the total outcome and many who regret every moment and decision that they have ever made. But can we really say that there is even one human being who is totally satisfied with everything they have done or got?
Well i seem to be on that track of wondering now. But i really am not able to decide whether this is what i wanted in life...Ya i do regret many decisions that i made, impulsive actions from my side etc. But it looks like i am blaming destiny for pushing me into this path.
By just looking around us, be it people we know or do not, or by just watching the world in general one thing i can surely say is i do believe that there is something called destiny and though we guide our destiny, we can never tell where it leads us or where it will finally bring us.
Ya sure we can keep fighting it and try our level best to work against it. But in the end does it really matter? Well i am not too sure about that part. Some people might say 'Yes' and others 'No' since it will differ from person to person and their point of view.
Well... will a person who has achieved most of his/her dreams in life say that destiny led them to it? Most of them will most likely say 'No' and might even go to the extend of saying "What is destiny? We have to work extra hard and fight for achieving things in life and went through a lot to reach here". Some might have the humbleness of saying that the good Lord helped them and guided them. Then when we go on to take the case of a beggar, will he say the same thing? He will only curse his fate.
We all can only hope and dream and pray about achieving things in life. Well ya i do believe now that you have got to pray too because experience has taught me so. It took me many years to have that understanding about God and somehow now i am wondering if God and destiny are different too. I really cant say anything for sure because when you take certain instances in life we can see that God would never have wanted that for us. But we being the selfish typical humans have to learn from mistakes and lessons and guide our destiny through the right path.
But still the question remains : Where will destiny lead you? Is it destiny that leads you?