Thursday, January 03, 2008

Scotland Yard is asked to aid in Bhutto inquiry

President Pervez Musharraf and his government first denied any help in the investigations that the international world had to offer and now he has requested the Scotland Yard to assist in the investigation. Looks like these people have some serious problems on their hands and have no stability of thinking too.
Pakistani government officials have rejected calls for an international investigation into her killing but have left the door open for assistance conducted from outside the country. They then proposed to president Musharraf to provide French or European experts. Well i guess that must be after France and the 27-nation European Union bloc offered help in the Bhutto probe and all Musharraf had to say to the the French official was that the idea is interesting.
Well looks like we can all watch and wait and see so much more of this stupidity from the Pakistan government.


--xh-- said...

i am not so sur escotland yard will get no holds bar cooperation from pak police. in my opinion, it (calling scotland yard) is a step taken by pak to pacify otehr nations doubts about a fair enquiery about bhutto incident...

Enigma said...

@ xh
ya that mite be true. specially duye to the hype pak gov has to to something to show that they r doin something rite.