Sunday, September 14, 2008


Well what exactly is the relevance/meaning/speciality of birthdays???

A Birthday is always a special occassion for a person. Its not just kids who wait all year long for it, even the grown ups enjoy being pampered and loved.

When you are a kid - it’s a great time to enjoy, cut the specially made cartoonish figure cakes, open presents, be the special person of the day and run around with your friends and enjoy. As you grow older, it can be a special day to look forward to have a good time with friends, get special gifts from parents, and maybe get drunk too if you are at a proper age and if the situation is appropriate, wait to get something special from your crush/first love etc …

So what does it mean once you are over 28?

I don’t know…In some ways I guess it does feel special. From one angle it’s a day to feel some kind of joy, to have some special time with family and friends and all, to know and feel so good that most of them remember this special day and so on.

If you look at it from another angle, it is also a day to thank the God almighty for all the small and big blessings that we received till now, to thank him for keeping us safe all these years and for bringing us till here, for all our big and small achievements and so on.

It can also be a day to remember about the special people in your life, the loved ones who you miss, the little pain you feel due to not having your loved ones nearby to celebrate the occasion with you etc.

For me I guess I felt all of the above as like every human being I also have a childish side in me, a little grown up side and the mature side too… This birthday of mine on 12th Sept made me think a lot and also to not think about anything too… Hehe, pretty confusing na?

Well at a certain point I did miss my hubby who is in another country, the fun we used to have on birthdays when we were dating, the fun we used to have with friends during my life in Chennai (that’s mainly because those 2 and half years were the best years of my entire life), the fun with my best friends there and the little things I miss in life and so on…

At another point when my thinking went on to intense stuff like – why things happened so late in life; why get a great opportunity at this point of life and be thrown into a turmoil about whether to take it up or not, knowing that if I reject it I will always regret it; about why did I settle down so late; etc etc etc, I just stopped thinking at all and just went with the flow and let the day go by at its pace…

What actually made me say all this is a particular wording that was sent to me on my birthday and it said: “Why not seize the day to check out how your life is going? Rethink your errors and remember your successes, forgive yourself for your failures and take pride in your achievements. And remember that these errors, successes, failures and achievements are your story, the story of your life. And for this reason they should all be equally valued. Without them, you would not be who you are today.”

Isn’t it too meaningful? Isn’t this what we all should hear at some point in life? I feel that these words were written for each of us to understand and follow at some point in life. At a low point in life, it will make you feel positive and look at the bigger picture rather than just concentrating on the loses in our lives, about why that dint happen, why this didn’t work out that way blah blah blah…

These words somehow touched me so much in some way and it feels so right for the kind of attitude that most of us have towards life in this hi-tech busy era. We all do have to look back on life and thank God that we reached where we all are today without much scratches and problems, thank him that we overcame most of the problems and turmoil’s in life, that we became strong because of all this, that we are alive to see this day, that we are all safe and sound and that we have achieved so many things in life…

Ok I know I am getting a little too philosophical, so concluding this post for now coz otherwise it might turn into a huge novel. :P


P.S: I do have to say that on this birthday of mine it was thiruvonam (Onam festival of Kerala), hence i did get a proper traditional sadya with 2 payasams and all, got to cut the cake too and also got to have a non-veg dinner out with my parents (Well its a complete veg menu for onam)....Only thing was that I did miss my hubby a lot, but he did send me a gift and that was just a small relief....:)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Can't Say I'm Totally Ignorant!!!

What got me thinking about this particular topic is the fact that I’m not up to date with the recent trends in the music world, specially the world of English and international music. Hey you can’t call that a crime… I just don’t have the intense interest for it, that’s all.

There was a time when I used to listen to some of the English music and stuff, but as I progressed in my years, I just did not get the time for it and slowly lost interest. But I do have to say that I like most Malayalam melodies, especially some from the 80’s era. It stays on my mind a lot and mostly according to my mood I try and listen to it too as I love these. I guess I like these old melodious songs a lot as I used to sleep listening to these at a very young age.

Now a days when the older and younger generation speaks about certain English, international albums and songs, I just stare at them and try to openly tell that I do not have an idea or nod if do know something. People seeing this think that I must be crazy not to know such things…Hey these things depends and varies according to each individual’s mood and taste.

If you happen to have an interest and love for such things, you will take the effort to know about it. I don’t have that interest, so I do not take the extra effort. Another problem is that now days I just get time to go to work and then get back and relax, browse at home and stuff like that. Many have told me “how can you not know this, that etc”, well like I told earlier; it certainly is not such a great crime people. Do all of you know about everything in this world?

Well I know that we should all know certain basic things, but the rest is up to us and I hate people forcing things onto me. I guess because of this, the rebellious side of me acts up and I just end up being completely ignorant about certain facts. I know there is a bad side to this as I end up not knowing many things because of this.

For example some people create so much of hate in you that it affects your life so much. The best examples in my life are many of my teachers. Due to certain mathematics teachers of mine, I ended up hating math so much that I just couldn’t handle it at all. Due to this I had huge problems for my 10th and also for my pre-degree. For my first year of pre-degree I just totally left out almost 40 marks worth questions in my physics paper coz that whole section contained math problems. That’s the bad side to not knowing many things.

Well now that I am not in school or anything anymore, I guess I do have the liberty to know what I want to and not know about things which I do not have an interest in. After all it’s a free world right??? :)