Thursday, January 22, 2009

Crime rates uppp!!!!

It’s almost the end of the month and I still haven’t written anything as I have been too busy and too lazy to write anything…. I know that’s not good… Lately I have been feeling all depressed and all pissed off too. Anyway forget that and let me get into the topic I wanted to tell about rather than wandering off yet again :)

Ever since I started doing the Local pages for the news paper that I work with, I have also been handling a column which deals crime news etc and we call it ‘Law& Order’. Well from doing so many of that on a daily basis I do know that the crime rate has gone up (gone sky rocketing!!!) and people still are not the least bit bothered.

Well I cannot blame them too I guess because it’s come to a point where I too don’t care anymore. I just edit and rewrite the whole thing without even taking the whole article into any consideration since by the end of the day all I want to do is to hand it in so that I can finish the pages and it’s only another story for me and one which I just work on to make it more readable and stuff.

Ok now one of the many things that did strike me was that the rape, molestation, sexual abuses etc. against Filipino women are way too high and it’s not at all news anymore and people hardly think that it’s a crime.

I certainly do have the feeling that the Arab men think that it’s their right to have any Filipino woman (or any woman I guess), but in particular this particular nationality. So many cases of kidnapping and raping them or the cheating cases and all have come up regularly and the Filipino maids too are being abused at a very high rate.(OK I am not telling that all Arab men are like that...)

Now why is this happening? Why do men here feel that it’s their right to abuse women and think that they are enjoying this? What is the world and this community coming to? I have a colleague at work who did write a feature about the Arab men and their cheating issue and in most responses that she got and from what I read, it was understood that they think it’s their right and it’s alright to cheat on their wives.
Most women too do know that the husbands cheat or will cheat, but many are ok with it as they don’t want to create any problems and they feel it’s the way of life. What an attitude right???

Here’s an interesting incident which happened: I used to have a colleague at office who joined with us some time back and he is a young and ok looking guy I guess (and handsome to Arab females’ maybe). Anyway, during a conference he did bring his wife and we happened to meet her. Later when we came to know about the birth of his little kid we all held a small party at office and did give gifts and stuff too and he did bring the kid to office too.

After some time, some of us were transferred to a new company and I did'nt keep in touch much with anyone specially since he spoke Arabic only and communication was a big problem. Anyway the interesting issue is that around 3 months back we had a new girl join us at work and she is very young and smart and all that. Next thing I know is that this guy kept calling her from the other office and stuff and then kept asking her about going out and stuff and he even gave the (usual)sob story – “I was engaged earlier, but that relationship broke. Now I am a free man, I am also heartbroken… I am a very rich man...My family is very very rich...blah blah blah….”

Well can you believe that?? Well the idiot at least has to think that we all know that he is married and has kids na? So the next time he came to office one of my colleagues asked him about his wife and kids and this new girl heard about that but acted as though she didn’t hear anything. It’s a few days later when he called again to ask her out that she told me about all the stuff that’s been happening and how he keeps asking her out and stuff. I was shocked for sure...The idiot who brought his wife around and showed that he is in so much of love and stuff could behave this way???

I guess values and morality etc are not an issue with most people now and for some the excuse is that they are alone in another country, work tensions and all that bull shit...Well I guess even thinking about writing such things is making me get irritated...

I sure wonder what the younger generation is growing up to be. It sure is a sad state of affairs. Another menace that many people face here is the problems they face in the public transportation buses. Many young school boys’ harass the passengers a lot and they even go to the extent of physically touching and sexually harassing the female expatriate travelers who are unfortunate enough to be travelling at that time.

The worst part is that no one can respond or go to the rescue as they are Kuwaiti boys and most passengers are expatriates who don’t want to take any risks and get involved. There was also a case when a female started to fight back and asked for help etc and she got pushed out of the moving bus by the kids… (Ahh that is one of the reasons I have never even gone near a bus :( )

Hey can’t blame me ok… I sure don’t want to go through such things… Well now seeing all these I wonder how I will handle kids of my own and how I can make them grow up to be better human beings…

Anyway we cannot blame the financial crunch and crisis around the world for the behavioral problems of all humans’ right? Ya sure that the crisis has put a lot of lives at risk because of the layoffs from jobs and stuff… I know that many people have lost jobs and are wondering what to do, most of them have families who depend on them and most are ones who are at an age where finding new jobs will be too difficult for them.

I sincerely do hope that this situation will somehow clear up soon. It has to…And ya I do hope that the crime rate will go down and that parents will start looking into what their kids do, try and control them and so on in order to make them better citizens. (They have to do something about the kids here as even the 7th graders seem to find alcohol and drugs in this strict country and the number of drug addicts are going up too. All these kids them drive harshly which are leading to a heavy rise in accidents and so many innocent lives are getting lost…may families are getting destroyed because of all this…It sure is a vicious cycle…
We all have to work to make things better…