Thursday, August 28, 2008

Back from hybernation i guess!!!

Well I know that I did take a long time in coming back. It’s mainly because I just got too lazy. Ya the wedding went well and sadly I had to get back to work within 20 or 22 days and so was missing my hubby just too much to write anything.

The funny part is that I did get so many ideas to write in between, but was just too lazy to pen anything down and just kept telling myself - later, later...

I was just going through some blogs today and came across an article in PS's blog which I felt is so true... It’s about how most of us, just concentrate on the black dots in life and don’t look at the bigger picture etc. It’s so apt for the kind of life that we human beings have. People just concentrate on the tiny miseries in life that they forget the small blessings that they have.

I do have to say that marriage certainly has brought about a change in me. I seem to have calmed down a lot and seem to be least bothered about things that would have infuriated me earlier. For example – My florist ditched me on my wedding day. Well she did my engagement stage d├ęcor etc and left and told that she will come the day b4 the wedding with my bridal bouquet, the manthrakodi tray, the garlands and bouquet needed after the wedding, will do my car decorations etc etc etc…

Many days ahead of the wedding I kept calling her and either she wouldn’t pick up or would switch off both her mobile phones. And when I did get through to her, she would tell she is busy with some project and to call her in half an hour etc, after which the mobile would again be switched off. Finally once when I did get to talk she said “don’t worry, I will do everything etc”

But 2 days before the wedding, I did get too tensed and my parents were also worried, but still we thought she would do it and that nothing would go wrong. The night before the wedding, my nerves were certainly on raw ends coz I still was not able to get through to her as both her phones were switched off. The worst fact is that I dint even have an excitement about my wedding as I certainly had so many other things to worry about. To everyone who asked me about wedding excitement, I just stared at them like an idiot and then told, well someone in my house is getting married and I am just running around doing the errands….LOL (Coz that’s all I felt, can’t blame me na !)

During the pre-wedding night party, I did tell my friends who tried to contact other people and my aunt finally called some guy she knew (that also, the call was made in the middle of the night telling the guy that we needed flowers, car decor blah blah)

As usual like everyone should tell brides, people kept telling me to go sleep early etc, but how could I sleep even a wink… I was not able to take a nap even for 5 minutes. Finally I got out of bed by 4am and had to push off to the beauty parlor by 5, for which I was late by 15 minutes…I kept trying to call that lady and still her phones were switched off… Finally reached home and posed for my snaps without any bridal bouquets and my bridesmaids hadn’t got their bouquets too… Well that when I burst into tears and I had everyone come running telling not to cry as “the makeup would run” [heheh well now it certainly feels funny….]

My aunt did save things by making another florist guy open his shop early and they tried and made things as fast as they could, but still there was a delay as the flowers from Ooty etc came late. Due to all these factors, we started the two hour drive to the groom’s place really late. I DO HAVE TO SAY THAT I REACHED MY WEDDING ATLEAST AT THAT TIME COZ OF MY DRIVER WHO DROVE SO FAST AND WAS WIZZING IN BETWEEN CARS AND TRUCKER LORRIES. It certainly was a luck that we reached alive coz at many a point I did know that we were gonners when we got stuck in between huge buses and trucks and just somehow managed to escape due to GOD’S GRACE ALONE!!!

Ha yes I am certainly a bride who reached my wedding half an hour late..heheh….after all this, my relatives and parents were waiting to get that lady into their hands to give at least one slap each..LOL… But the fact is, even though I was so tensed throughout the wedding, it just disappeared after the wedding ceremony… I was finally able to smile and even after so many days went by I dint call that lady up even once to enquire why she did this to me on my wedding day and destroyed so many of my dreams about the wedding ceremony which did affect so many other things.
She made me feel so indifferent about the wedding, she destroyed so many of my dreams about how I wanted the wedding to be, she made me cry on my wedding day, she made me behave so badly with my would be on the wedding day and also the night before…phewww so many things ….but still I don’t feel anything now as I am looking at the bigger picture of “Thank God the wedding happened without any problems, that I was able to marry my beloved hubby who waited for me for 7 years, that God did bless me in many ways”

Even now when people ask me did I call that lady, did I ask her the reason, I am like why bother, anyway the wedding is over and done with, what’s the use of digging up old graves???

Well I do have to say that this change of attitude of mine is only after the wedding, before that I used to cry daily thinking about all my small worries and miseries and wonder why God is keeping me alive… Something seems to have caused a change in me, calmed me down etc…I am certainly learning to change my attitude towards life..

Well ya but I do miss my hubby and do get miserable on some days wondering why I am not able to do anything faster to get him to come to this country. Well for that the emigration officials have to work wonders, in fact God is the one who should work wonders here :)

Well that was a pretty long post right…. So now I do hope that I can actively get back to blogging...Wish me all the best :)

nb: these wedding pictures have been taken from the internet...