Saturday, July 28, 2007

Life is so depressing!!!

Ohh damn...:( I had typed out a long article and the next minute it disappears. Well it does prove to me that life is indeed too depressing.
Humm well its not that I am too crazy or anything but it is so scary at this age when you do not know what you want in/from life. That makes it even more depressing, especially when I wonder what kind of a future is awaiting me. Well I am not sure this is what I want in life and being a typical Virgo woman, I am always too critical and unsatisfied about anything and everything. Everything around me seems to be depressing me and I feel that I want more out of life not just this! L
I hate the monotony of things and do crave for a little adventure now and then especially in this boring and dull country. I really do not know how people spend their spare time here! Nowhere to go or visit, or spend time and the most unbelievable and frustrating thing for an ardent reader like me is the fact that this country does not have an English library! Can you believe that? Well for me it is indeed unbelievable and if anyone who reads this knows of one do let me know.
These are all facts that sum up to be certain reasons for my depression. Another main fact is that I miss all my close friends and do not have any here. The time here, has made me understand more about the value of close friendships and how friends are indeed a necessary factor for having a happier life. It is indeed so relaxing to have good friends with whom you can share your problems, your happiness, share a good laugh and even have a shoulder to cry on and I indeed do thank God for the internet and chatting facilities. What would I have done without that too?
I was just talking about this depression thing to a friend today and we were like "ok looks like we should all go see a shrink"! Hehehe…:P . the funniest part is that both of us agreed that the shrink would need help after he/she is done with our session!!! :)
Ohh but this entire talk still does not change the fact that life is so depressing! :(

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Ah! u quoted me here.. heh heh