Wednesday, July 25, 2007

"Hawally Monster" - caught!!!

After a long year of run and chase and catch and release, the rapist of Hawally was caught. The 27-year-old Egyptian bodybuilder was arrested at the airport while boarding a Jazeera flight to Luxor. The man is suspected of raping 18 kids, all of them under 10 years of age, in Hawally and two in Farwaniya. A pure case of pedophilia. The amazing thing, when he was caught at the airport, was that the cops knew his name and had been searching for him. Thank God he decided to fly for holidays back home. Otherwise maybe he would have been roaming and raping kids in Kuwait for God knows how many years to come.

3 of the victims identified the rapist in a line up and Security sources noted that right on entering the room, the suspect was amazed to see the children whom he looked at as if he knew. 'He had his mouth wide open by surprise which showed his broken tooth all raped children had described to the police', said the sources pointing out that all three children charged at the suspect the moment they saw him and started beating him but they were stopped by the detectives attending the lineup.On their part, watching the suspect helplessly without being able to avenge for themselves, the children broke down and started shedding tears of helplessness.

humm only comment is thank the good Lord and it shows that the world is no longer a safe place; even for little kids! (Crimes against small children have been on the rise and the statistics are really shocking.)

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