Thursday, August 02, 2007

The mobile communications in Kuwait Suck!!!

Well I really can't help telling out the fact that mobile connection providers in Kuwait rob u blind. It's already unbelievable that they take incoming charge and on top of that they simply pull out money from prepaid cards…can you believe that? And who can you complain to regarding this? Absolutely no one and there doesn’t seem to be any solution for this. And I can say that it's true because I have gone through this several times and to be sure that its happening, one day I recharged my mobile with K.D. three and didn’t use the phone at all for a day. Next day I checked and my balance is only K.D one and two hundred Fils.
I went through the same experience yesterday. Recharged my phone and had a balance of K.D. Six and two hundred and fifty fils. I tried making an international call and cut the line as soon as the connection went to a voice mail. The duration of that was just 2 seconds and my balance is K.D. Three. Now what wonderful things should I say for this? Its so damn frustrating and the worse part is nothing can be done about it.

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