Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A cute couple!

Ohh..doesnt Eva Longoria and Tony Parker look so cute in their wedding pics? Ya we can surely agree with the fact that it is the wedding of the year...heheheh..blows me away when i hear the cost of each item and her wedding gown is absolutely gorgeous.

Infact she was looking good in all the functions that took place and was looking so relaxed and gorgeous after their honeymoon...and ya extremely stunning in a short yellow dress when she appeared without Tony for the comming out party that Tom cruise, Katie, Will Smith and wife gave for the Beckhams!!!(well these couples were also looking stunning!)

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pointblank said...


sorry this is a comment for ur prev post. Somehow tat page seems to run away wen i start to type. can c tat u have plent of time suddenly. 3 posts in aweek. Bravo!
by te way.. wots wrong if ur termed as a feminist? I nitially, even I was a lil offended with te tag. But now m i lke.. wot te hell? m a feminist, nd m proud of it. everywoman should be one. tat said, m working on my own post on feminism. three cheerz to girl power!

and the couple (this post) looks cute indeed!