Tuesday, July 24, 2007

How can stating certain facts be feminism?

well...i really have got to say that stating some true facts is not feminism.Just because i told out a few true things doesnt mean that people can term me as a feminist.
If you check today's paper, then everyone can surely find a few articles that tell: "India police find 30 bags of baby bones." (and i really dont find it surprising that the bones belong to unborn and newborn girls.) The article also states that India loses an average of 7000 girls every day through abortions. Another newspaper states that "An international team of researchers estimated that up to 10 million female fetuses had been aborted in the past 10 years in India."
I had this argument with a friend yesterday and he tells that women face all these problems because they are weak and that God created men to be strong. He also went on to say that maybe just 20% of the women go through such problems and that it doesnt mean that its the case with majority of women.
well i really have got to say that i really cant agree with this fact and also do feel that its purely a chauvinistic comment and I also cant agree with the fact that God created problems. He is also worried that wen a non-indian reads this, he or she will feel that this is a huge problem in India. (Well typical Indian male comment that also when this is a huge problem in India). Another one of his striking comments was when we argued about the dowry problems in India. His comment was that girls dont have to know anything and that it is the men who have to make all the money for the dowry. Ok i guess that is true, but he then went on to say that girls have to say that no we cant pay the dowry and just stay at home even if they remain spinsters for the rest of their lives. (Ya try doing it, specially in the poor and bacword familes and also in north India!!!)
I just stated a few facts because they shocked me too and were indeed surprising. For those of us who dont face much problems, we feel that it is a rosy world out there and thats how we close our eyes to society's problems. We sure have to give awareness about so many things to the youngsters of todays world and have to make the world a better place to live in.

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