Sunday, December 02, 2007

Taslima Nasreen literaly Chased all over India!!!

What a shame for India...Its unbelievable to know that this good author was practically chased and thrown out of many states and attacked by idiots. Well she wrote the truth and many people in the name of religion couldnt stand it. The worst part is that India is said to be growing in all areas and religion and its issues slowly starting to diminish , or it looked like it was...But all has been proved wrong!
The poor lady was not accepted in most states, and was not even given a hotel room to stay in. Such an ordeal she went through...And to know that Bengal which has the communist party ruling (who brag of not having religion and such issues) couldnt offer her a shelter until recently.
And ya the religious extremists have managed to make her withdraw many lines from her book. She now wants a peaceful life...

Wat can we say about such issues??Its really a shame that India doesnt seem to be growing in that area of religion.


Pointblank said...

hey.. why this title for ur blog - te man erring title.. just curious ;)

insane said...

well its practically true. she was chased away from most states including keral where she did hav some problems.