Sunday, December 30, 2007

As the plot thickens!!!

Looks like things are going really out of control in Pakistan. Contradictory statements about Benazir Bhutto's death are creating lots of confusion and the riots just seem to be increasing. I kept switching channels and checked out a couple of newspapers and everywhere it's the same contradictory headings which are going to create huge problems for President Musharraf and his government.

Some of the scandalized headings are: "Islamabad accused of cover-up"; "Pakistan rejects foreign assistance in probe" etc. And the most shocking one is that Al-Qaeda denies having any link with the assassination. So now who is responsible? That is a million dollar question right? Pakistan government keeps telling its Al-Qaeda and Qaeda keeps denying it. Well in this case i do believe Qaeda because they usually take responsibility for many assassinations and if they are denying such a big incident then its true.

Well something will have to be done soon by the Pakistan government instead of trying to cover up things in front of the whole world, especially when many people saw the entry and exit bullet wounds in Benazir's head. So with so many witnesses for this, how can the government still deny that no bullets were found in Benazir's skull etc? How can they still stick to the fact that she died after hitting her head on the sunroof during the suicide attack? So what about the bullet wounds?

As I mentioned in my last blog, it is indeed true that post mortem was not done and that the body was buried in a big haste. Well I can understand the Muslim tradition of burying the body at the earliest, but in this case exception had to be done, at least by delaying the burial for few hours.

The comment from the coroner's office is that no one asked for postmortem to be done and so on!!! What an explanation!!! Well now things are getting all the more suspicious.
Let's wait and see if the mystery will be unraveled or if it will always remain a mystery.


Pointblank said...

hey.. u seem to have gotten into ur elements wit the Bhuto assasination. Well.. te Pak govt is probably denying te bullet charge fearing charges on lapse in security. if its bullet, then te onus wil be definitely on them.

Enigma said...

humm well ya..its really disgusting to know abt post mortem and to know abt the conflicting reports..specially wen its for some one so prominant...