Saturday, August 18, 2007

Taslima Nasreen Threatened!!!

This is really outrageous! I really cant belive it that muslim clerics in eastern India has issued a "death warrant" against the controversial Bangladeshi author Taslima Nasreen if she does not leave India soon.
India is goin back to the Ice ages or what??whats happening to this country and its people as we are progressing? And even worse is the fact that anyone who kills her has been offered a cash award of 1,00,000 ($2,400) and other than this additional rewards will also be given it seems.
As it is, it was really shameful that she was attacked publicly when taking part in a function and now on top of it this too..People in India have to be really shameful about their behaviour and about the growing attacks based on religion.
i have really got to say that her writing is really good and she is only writing true facts based on problems she faced or true life incidents she knows about. Looks like many people dont want the truth to be out!!!


Pointblank said...

hmmm.... Gutsy women like her wil always face the wrath! Despite being a Muslim she was bold enought to lash out against them and brought to the forefront attrocities that were meted out to the Hindus. We need more ppl like her.

insane said...

thats true...But how can India allow such open calls for executions...