Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Independence Day

Happy independence day to all u lovely Indians out there!

60 yrs of freedom huh! really great na? Vande Matharam!!!

Well that was the spirit for my country.60 yrs of freedom and still a long way to go.India sure is on its way to becoming a super power with a booming economy but yet seems to have the biggest issues too. I guess i shouldnt say too much on this particular day and instead should just count my blessings about having atleast this much freedom.
ohh ya i am grateful for the freedom that i enjoy, but i really do want India to rise out of its many growing problems and issues. For eg:- Female infanticide & feticide, the ever growing poverty, growing cases of HIV/AIDS, casteism, riots and killing based on religion etc etc etc.
I know that we cant eradicate such problems all together, but all indians have to work together for a lot of things and without working towars the common goal, we wont reach anywhere.

Anyway happy independence day again!


Pravin said...

I'm sure we'll get there in our lifetimes :)

Happy independence day.

I'll be looking forward to 100 years of freedom. I should be 66 years old then :)

insane said... u r it :)..well ireally dont think i want to live that long!!!