Monday, September 03, 2007

Tire urself if u dont want to think abt the problems of life!!

Life always seems to pop out some problem or surprise at u and i feel the best way to not think abt anything is - tire urselfs out....Ohh ya after doing that, at the end of the day ur eyes will be sooo droopy that u wont have the strength to even have dinner!!!

Well i also seem to be doing that a lot lately. After getting back from work, i seem to be busy at home too and then i go out for walks which take and hour and by the time i get bac and rest, i feel soo tires and in the mornings i am not able to open my eyes..hehehe..that way i seem to have less time to think abt problems and dont sit around and cry like i used to and dont bitch abt not having anything to do or read....

Life seems to be so starnge na...god knows how the next generation is gonna turn out if this generation is so damn crazy!!!!

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