Wednesday, August 07, 2013

A feeling of restlessness!

Why do I feel so so…… hummmm what is it…… restless??

Why am I feeling as if I’m missing something, a whole lot of things, hummm or rather missing life and its whole meaning itself???

Why do I keep feeling that I - have to, have to do something… (Oh believe me - That something is a lot of things!)

I don’t feel content, am absolutely restless most of the time and I certainly do feel ambitious too at times...

I absolutely do get really restless when I haven't worked tirelessly for days and days.

I love it when I don’t have to think and am so tired from all the creative and productive work that I will drop dead to the world any minute due to exhaustion!

Oh yes, my ways are certainly - strange, new, old or whatever…..

Waiting, more often than not, makes me restless. When I'm ready, I'm ready!

My restless, roaming spirit does not allow me to: remain in a lethargic and idle mood for very long; makes me feel all discontent if I don’t get to do something - new, travel, explore new places, new things, try new art work and so on…..

Oh yes, I certainly am a strange mystery to myself too….


Jane said...

Keep writing Kel!!! In writing you may be inspired to do something to ease the restlessness.

My Kitchen Antics said...

Hi Kel.. nice to see you back in action.. in fact nice to see you jane and neetu back in action. Totally miss the other blog days :)
its a phase di...just start writing and you will soon start getting inspired by a lot of things..if not anything bitch about something ;p

Kelvy said...

Thanks Nishi... Ya good to c that all of us r back in action :) I HOPE its only a phase di... and i hope i can at least bitch, but cant bitch openly too as i do have family looking through this :(