Monday, December 01, 2008

A horror scene unfolded - Mumbai Bombings

I just don't know what to say… Its unjust, horrifying, inhumane… words are just not enough to describe it. Why such injustice? Why so much violence? What did those innocents do? I guess the questions will just go on and on … And I know that we will not get any appropriate answers for such cruelty.

The truth is that I did not follow this news well, especially when it started. All I just thought was " Ya again bombings, its becoming a regular thing now, why all this" and I turned my back on it. I know I also sound so insensitive and I guess I really was too during those days as the work pressure was just too much and I dint follow anything that was happening around me. But later only did I know that this was a huge horrifying scene unfolding in front of the whole world. --- 6o hours of terror and 195 dead … Bombs, fires, gunshots, blood, dead bodies all around!!! ---

Human lives don't seem to have any value in the eyes of fellow human beings anymore. WHY?? What has made the world so cruel? Why have people become so insensitive and uncaring?

Now to tell about another factor - Did we expect something like this to happen? Was India equipped enough to deal with such a crisis??? Why weren't we? How is it possible that the terrorists had so much modern technology at their disposal? How did they go in unnoticed with so much of warfare stuff and was not caught at all???

I guess it's true to say that this shocking and grievous act was supposed to be India's 9/11…Ya we can see blames flying around!!! This did, they did, he did, blah blah…..What's the point? That will not bring back the lives of so many innocent people. That will not pull their families out of that terror and grieving that will not bring back their joy and peace….

I do salute all the brave commandoes who gave their lives trying to save innocent lives. India has lost one of its best encounter specialists and commandoes… God be with their souls and families… The nation salutes you all!!! My heart goes out to a;; the victims and their families too...

India now has a huge task in front of it. The nation has to learn to stand together and fight against such evil forces that threaten everything and are absolute or pure evil. They should try and keep aside their differences and cultural barriers and stand as one to fight the evil common enemy....

News is still flowing in about the clean up, about finding more bombs and so on....hope all this ends soon....peace should return!!!


Keshi said...

It's a horror story yes! It was simply unexpected yet so familiar...cos it's happening all ard the world...Terrorism is breeding like hell.

I guess the only way to combat Terrorism is to provide Education and Equal opportunities for EVERYONE. One day when that happens, I guess everyone will be satisfied? I hope so.

TC Enigma!


Enigma said...

in a way expected too i guess rite??terrorism is thriving and the problem is that once people do not get even the smallest things thgey need, they r resolving to terrorism...thats sad..where is patience??

*****I guess the only way to combat Terrorism is to provide Education and Equal opportunities for EVERYONE. One day when that happens, I guess everyone will be satisfied? I hope so.

thats true...but according to human nature, humans are unsatiable....

Ps said...

Yes. I agree with everything you've said.
At least now a little bit of action is being taken--India's voice is being heard.
Jai Hind.

Meghna said...

It;s sbominable!!

It's so damn scary!

I'm scared even going 2 school!

Lord help!|


Keshi said...

Humans will always be selfish, vengeful and greedy...I agree. But there r some of us who r not like I wonder why everyone cant be like that!

And Im bak Enigma :)


Enigma said...

Well i do hope that some serious action is being taken and hope that some effort is being put into the issue rahther than into the fights between the intellingence sectors...I really do hope that India's voice is being heard.
Jai Hind.

Enigma said...

Ya i know...its a scary sitaution....Its sickening that we are not safe in our own country anymore...

Enigma said...


So true...Humans will always be selfish, vengeful and greedy... Well i guess maybe thats wat balances nature,,....if everything is perfect who will rember god...

Hey good to know that u r bac... :)