Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A new year, a new beginning, a new step in life!!!

This happens to be my first post for the year 2010. So wishing you all a very happy New Year and hope that it is the case with everyone and that all of you have started enjoying the new year…

Well I do have to say that this was indeed a very very long break for me (I have never taken such a looong break from the world of blogs before) and it was indeed very necessary to take it. The year 2010 is a very memorable year for me and it has already brought me lots of pain and joy and specially the date 01/01/2010 i.e. the first of January is extremely memorable for me… Ya as many of you already know it; my little one arrived on this particular day. And now this bundle of joy and pain was worth the wait I guess ;P

As I had mentioned in my earlier post, my expected date of delivery was 24th December and so mostly everyone thought that it would be a Christmas baby… Well since nothing happened on 24th and since my doctor told that I might have to wait for a few more days I enjoyed that day by going out for shopping and watching a movie… Then for Christmas I guess I did go to church and all, but honestly I really don’t remember and can’t seem to recollect whether I went to my cousins place for dinner and the whole works or whether I stayed back at home…hummm

Well guys before I go any further, I really have to mention the fact that I want to keep this a happy post and will write about all the gory facts and about the pains of this New Year in a totally different post. And I also feel that it’s best not to mix the feelings of joy with the pains and disappointments of 2010 which has just started…

Well I will just say that my pains started on 31st December night or rather in the evening and I finally delivered my little one on Jan 1st night (that also close to 10 pm). Even though I did face some problems during delivery I have to thank God that I got my son safely other than the fact that he has a red mark on the left side of his face which happened due to delivery trauma and which the doc says will disappear in a couple of years.

Day by day he is proving to be very naughty, sweet and already has a very aggressive mind of his own. But I do truly have to say that he is very sweet and cry’s the house down only when he starts to feel even a weenie bit hungry. And if we are late in giving him his milk, we do get a tongue-lashing (at times) or a lot of sad complaints in his own language while he drinks his milk :) hehe, well I am starting to enjoy motherhood which is certainly not easy and does tend to make me crazy at times and drives me up the wall… I am ready to pull my hair out at times, but I also do get my extremely happy moments too…

Right now, I am down in India and I guess it was ok and fun to be down here again… But guys I truly cannot stand the heat and same is the case with my little one…. Both of us sweat like pigs and I sit and curse the heat and keep telling that I want rains, that too heavy downpours… Well I did get my rains in between. To make up for the frequent current cuts, my father-in-law did get a generator so that his grandson won’t have to suffer the heat too much as it was an extreme change of climate for the little one…From the cold cold winter to smoldering heat and humidity :D

Anyway, thank the good lord that he has adjusted well to the climate change and is doing ok now… I do have to say that babies do have some (I would rather say a lot) tricks up their sleeve. When the current goes, he stops drinking his milk and stares at the fan… He will keep doing that until the current comes back or till we switch on the generator.

Well now he has entered his 4th month and his antics are growing day by day. God help me to keep my wits about me and am thankful that hair colors are available to cover my gray hairs that will keep increasing as the days go by…. I know that life and motherhood does have its ups and downs, I just hope that I will be able to cope well and in a sensible manner. As it is, since my hubby and in-laws do tend to get upset and alarmed too often if anything goes wrong with the little one, I have to keep my wits about me and have to be the cool one. (Even though I might be alarmed myself, I certainly cannot show that and my fear and can only keep hoping to God that nothing is wrong and that the baby is crying for silly issues only…. Phewww easy to say only!!!! )

So here starts a new phase in life for me along with a new year…. The other facts will come in later posts as I just want to stick to the happy facts right now. I just hope that I will be able to snatch some bits and pieces of time in between to update my blog and also to catch up on blogsvile….


An Open Book said...

That was very sweet relieved....if u can cope with motherhood and if you are enjoying it this much, im pretty sure i can squeeze in some as well...

Enigma said...

@Open book: heheh well i'm tryin to cope with motherhood di.... its true that i do lose my patience and all at times, but ya i do try and control myself telling that its a little baby and he doesnt undertsnd things yet and so on.... and i dont believe delivery will be tought like mine for others....heheh Dee is so stunned that i am into motherhood so he says its astonishing, unbeleivable change in me :P

Anonymous said...
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Reflections said... happy for u:-))!!!!

Dont worry, all of us have our delivery horror stories and inspite of it choose to have another one;-P

Patience is the key, and I dont mean with ur child. Be patient and kind to urself.....its a new experience, so dont get impatient with urself & other who are trying to 'help';-D

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